LED Blue Light May Cause Blindness.

- Jul 17, 2017-

Recently, medical experts worry that LED blue light will cause damage to the retina, or even blind. The news on the Internet caused widespread concern and a large number of forwarders comments, but also caused a high degree of attention light source experts. For a time, anti-Blu-ray glasses hot in the major business platform.

The real name of Blu-ray is called High Energy Visible Lights, that is, high-energy visible light. Light is an electromagnetic radiation, the possibility of electromagnetic radiation on the human body injury, with the energy, or increase the frequency and strengthen. Such as high energy, high frequency, short wavelength of cosmic rays on the human body is the strongest damage, the frequency of a lower level of ultraviolet light will cause harm to the human eye, and may cause skin cancer.

"Blue light" refers to the most visible part of the visible light, these wavelengths in the 400-500 nm range of light frequency is slightly lower than the UV, is the highest energy in the visible part of the color is blue and purple, so be Commonly known as "blue light".

Blu-ray damage to the human body is now also part of the "early study" - unlike UV damage with millions of patients every year as a case, Blu-ray hazard evidence is also mainly concentrated in the rabbit rabbit monkeys these poor experimental animals. In this way, in fact, Blu-ray damage to people did not confirm, naturally will not design a standard Blu-ray protection products. In addition to the effect of no assessment, the anti-blue glasses and similar products with a separate filter blue light to protect the way is not so likable.

Whether it is sunlight, light or the light of the display, are different wavelengths, different colors of the mix, if we are eccentric only filter blue, then the most direct consequence is color cast. That is, your home carefully selected color saturation, high degree of reduction, ultra-high-definition 4K screen, and instantly to the glasses to the scourge.

Want to reduce the blue light, in fact, there is a more simple way: without prejudice to reading the case, moderate to reduce the brightness. In addition, is to use mobile phones, iPad, computer or TV viewing to read, the problem is not Blu-ray, nor is it the radiation of these common gimmicks. These electronic products themselves are not a big problem, but their appearance has greatly increased our day "reading watch" the length of time.

Whether it's a 1-year-old baby or an adult, the convenience of new products and the mobile Internet gives us the opportunity to read, watch, chat, play games anywhere ... and these behaviors will make your eyes more tired , Increase the possibility of suffering from related diseases.

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