Jewelry Commercial Lighting Leading LED Lighting Market

- Dec 29, 2016-

At present, LED commercial lighting products has entered a stage of stable development, technically, the LED application in the field of commercial lighting has obvious advantages, including instantaneous start, energy saving, long life, high color rendering, and intelligent control, etc.In addition, the LED lamps and lanterns can fully replace incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamp, energy-saving lamp etc traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, energy-saving rate is as high as 40% above, life is also the traditional lamps and lanterns of several times or even dozens of times.Most of traditional lamps and lanterns, efficient energy-saving lamp's light efficiency between 50 to 60 lm/W, and the LED lighting can easily reach 80 lm/W as high as 100 lm/W, therefore fully replace traditional lamps and lanterns of LED lighting products have become the trend of The Times in the field of business.

LED lighting products used in the business in the field of super energy-saving benefit directly reflected in a set of data.In 2008, honeywell began to participate fully in wal-mart energy-saving lighting solution in the transformation and implementation in China, for its supermarkets provide including the main lighting, lighting, fresh lighting, outdoor advertising lighting is good the most comprehensive LED lighting products and solutions.According to the 100 stores electricity compared before and after the transformation, each year a large wal-mart can save nearly 1 million KWH.In recent years, with the improving of the LED lighting technology and energy-saving benefit also has improved more significantly.

At present, the LED lighting products in the field of commercial lighting permeability is gradually improving, LED light source, plasticity and provide a variety of contextualized lighting space for commercial lighting.LED light source energy conservation and environmental protection, no ultraviolet ray, catered to some merchants display personalized light environment psychology, become a few businessmen preference for certain special product display light source, such as jewelry, clothes, illumination, etc.In addition, the LED light source in the local lighting, accent lighting and regional lighting advantages, can create the other traditional light source of high quality light environment, can meet the demand of special goods display in an all-round way.As a new generation of energy-saving light source, the commercial application field has already become one of the "main" LED lighting.

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