Introduction Of UFO Industrial And Mining Lamp Products

- Jan 09, 2018-

Introduction of UFO industrial and mining lamp products

High thermal conductivity aluminum fin radiator; die cast aluminum housing integrated meanwell power supply, high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate; high transmittance of PC planar sealing cover; a plurality of imported high brightness chip with 3030 rings, and the wire rope mounting member double insurance.

UFO industrial and mining lamp products

1, we use multiple high-power LED module (3030) as the light source, it has high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color, high color rendering index, no heavy shade etc.;

2, unique fin heat dissipation design, light weight, light source and radiator perfect combination, effective heat conduction diffusion, thereby reducing the temperature of the lamp body, effectively guarantee the light source and power supply life;

3, green environmental protection, no pollution, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment;

4, the color rendering is good, the presentation of the physical color is more vivid. Various light colors are optional, and the utility model can meet the requirements of different environments, and eliminates the depressive emotion caused by the high or low color temperature of the traditional lamps, makes the vision more comfortable, and improves the work efficiency of the workers;

5 、 adopt constant current and constant voltage control, applicable voltage width (AC90-305V), overcome the power grid, noise pollution and lighting instability caused by ballast, avoid the irritation and fatigue to the eye in the work;

6, decorative effect is excellent, using a special surface treatment process, the appearance can choose a variety of colors, simple installation, easy disassembly, wide range of applications.



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