Interior Lighting New Forces Square LED Panel Lights Rise

- Oct 17, 2017-

Interior lighting new forces Square LED Panel Lights Rise
In recent years, LED indoor lighting market is slowly expanding, and for indoor lighting all kinds of new lamps continue to emerge. Square LED Panel Lights as a wide range of indoor lighting applications in the lamps and lanterns, get the attention of enterprises and consumers in the indoor lighting market developed wind and water.
"From the market point of view, Square LED Panel Lights in home improvement with the business areas have shown a strong vitality of their applications include hotels, hotels, specialty stores, supermarkets, conference rooms, etc." Grammy Square Square LED Panel Lights is light, light and uniform, with eye protection, and is therefore widely used in offices, hospitals, libraries and other fields.
From the lighting design concept, Square LED Panel Lights on the use of light compared to other lamps more scientific and reasonable. In the light guide plate side of the principle of light, the panel light emitted by the light through the light guide plate after the formation of a uniform flat light effect, and the surrounding environment to better coordination.
"Square LED Panel Lights interior space is very abundant, so the light source design is also very flexible, you can increase or decrease the lamp beads to change the brightness of the panel lights, we can also be configured according to customer requirements of different lighting programs, Adjust light color according to different needs and environmental changes.
According to the luminous nature of the Square LED Panel Lights, it is mostly used in the ceiling, walls and some counters and the like. In the installation design, the panel lights are mainly divided into chandelier lampholders and embedded wall lamp two categories. No matter what kind of design, panel lights can be completely melt into the wall, the occupancy of the external space is very small.
It is with the above advantages, Square LED Panel Lights has become the rise of the indoor lighting market, a new force, while its good lighting effects and beautiful appearance for its market applications in a lot of points.
Market breakthrough
In recent years, LED application technology tends to mature, the cost is declining, energy efficiency has also been relatively large increase, Square LED Panel Lights has reached more users can accept the psychological price and energy needs, which promoted its application penetration A substantial increase, both for commercial use or family applications have been everywhere.
"Square LED Panel Lights has a high color rendering, lighting quality is better features." Industry sources, Square LED Panel Lights using high-color phosphor package LED light source, and the use of Blu-ray hybrid package red or amber chip, A light source having a high color rendering property is obtained. So the panel light color is higher, the color reproduction is relatively more real, more bright in the irradiation of items.
Early panel lights appear when the form is relatively simple, mainly to replace the fluorescent lamp-based, style to square majority, the installation method is more use of embedded, hoisting, spring button and so on. Later developed, Square LED Panel Lights in the style from the early square size derived from the various round, square small size of the product, as well as some personalized custom panel lights.
Another square LED Panel Lights in the installation of the way also made more changes, increased the installation, ceiling, aluminum buckle, etc., to expand the scope of the use of panel lights, from the original use of a single office to expand to the hotel, Clubs, shops, families and other places.

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