Intelligent Lighting Fresh Air To The Rest Of The World

- Feb 06, 2017-

   The Spring Festiva is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation. As China's national strength is becoming stronger and stronger, the influence of the Chinese has been increasing day by day, and the Spring Festival has gradually become known to the Western countries. But compared to Christmas, Valentine's Day, and even Halloween and many other Western festivals in China's popularity, the celebration of the Spring Festival is still only in the Chinese circle, which is inconsistent with China's position in the world and influence. Therefore, the tone of science and technology hope to invite people around the world to celebrate the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival to become a Western understanding of Chinese traditional culture bridge, and bring Chinese enterprises to the people of the world greetings, show Chinese enterprises, entrepreneurs, inclusive spirit.

   The prestigious New York Times Square is the "world cultural crossroads", is also the best window to attract the world's attention. The tone of science and technology as China's intelligent lighting industry leader boarded the Times Square in New York, showing the international image of the enterprise and shoulder the strength of world-renowned brands.

   Tuning technology adhering to the "life should be tuned" concept, the ever-changing light into the tens of thousands of households. The tone of light is to understand your light, through 16.58 million colors, 9,000 kinds of well-being of color temperature, unique dynamic light UI and Promise brightness adjustment, the light can be the same as the melody, in different scenarios, different interpretations of different moods And beauty.

    At the same time, the use of wireless communication technology, intelligent general lighting, will be the next generation of lighting industry to upgrade the direction of the next generation of lighting industry will become the next generation of lighting industry standards, And in charge of intelligent home information center and the entrance to the Internet of Things.

   Under the leadership of Huang Xiaojun, in September 2016, Tune Technology first brand debut, and held the annual new conference, including the super-lights, super switches, wireless switches, QUBIC App four parts of the new intelligent lighting solutions Which includes a number of the world's first design), by playing through the lights and intelligent control of the barriers to redefine the space lighting and human interaction, for commercial, office, home and all indoor space system and multi-scene intelligent lighting solutions. At present, the tone has launched 16 intelligent lighting products, including 14 smart lights and 2 switches, to become the world's first to deliver civilian, commercial-grade products, intelligent lighting technology companies.

   Tuning technology for China's intelligent lighting industry has brought a "light revolution", the choice of New York Times Square released its own global brand image, showing the tone of the technology is more than the former fighting spirit, but also demonstrates China's independent intelligent lighting Enterprises to become world-class brand ambition and confidence, but also reflects a new generation of Chinese enterprises, entrepreneurial vision and pattern has been closer to the world.

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