Installation And Design Of Square LED Panel Lights

- Sep 30, 2017-

Understand the Square LED Panel Lights friends are clear, Square LED Panel Lights are widely used in the field of indoor lighting, square LED panel light shape is simple and fresh and has a high-end luxury atmosphere of lighting, in practical applications, but also the lighting effect is very To the force, while giving people the feeling of light in the field of environmental protection and energy saving LED lighting inside the lamp, but also with anti-radiation quality characteristics, so in the indoor lighting market in the square LED panel light has been a very good market performance. For the application of Square LED Panel Lights installed for the attention of the Square LED Panel Lights of the sessions of friends to do a detailed description:
Square LED Panel Lights specific installation methods are as follows:
1. The Square LED Panel Lights used in offices such as office buildings or large conference rooms are in the form of inlays on the ceiling and the floor of the ceiling.
2. A square LED panel light for indoor lighting such as a large dance room or a practice room is installed on the corresponding wall and integrated with the surface of the wall. It can also be installed on the surface of an installation body Can maintain the plane zero angle, in order to obtain the effect of integrated surface at the same time, the installation of the form of lighting in accordance with the functional effect of indoor lighting, you can also choose to hang under the ceiling or the bottom of the installation body, of course, the main form of installation or embedded in the ceiling More of this installation form in the viewing effect can be achieved beautiful, neat visual effects.
Square LED Panel Lights also because of the characteristics of the light source technology close to the characteristics of the LCD TV light source, square LED panel light lighting soft, shape design is very beautiful, is currently very popular in the international market, the domestic LED lighting companies have launched a Square LED Panel Lights production line, domestic enterprises as long as the Square LED Panel Lights quality, price and after-sales service to do a good job, foreign trade market outlook is also a good situation.
Square LED Panel Lights in the design process is simple and generous lighting, LED lighting market positioning in the high-end, so the quality of the product is also a high-end positioning, and the product itself, the components involved in the configuration of the technology from the application of materials , Thermodynamics, optics, structural design, metal materials, electronic components and other fields, in the LED industry to launch a Square LED Panel Lights production line enterprises are equipped with a certain LED product production technology accumulation of enterprises, if the technology is not enough, Will be in the market out of the situation, because there is no technology accumulation of enterprises is the production of high-quality Square LED Panel Lights.
In the LED lighting market in 2012, as the LED city lighting market, high-end products, Square LED Panel Lights use performance is very strong, Square LED Panel Lights have easy to control the light size, with a very strong dimming Performance, but also resistant to vibration, high luminous efficiency, small size and other characteristics of small, and has the energy saving, long life, safe and reliable, from the square LED panel light look, but it contains a lot of high-tech Technical principles in the inside, such as the formation of LED white light source, Square LED Panel Lights cooling performance, etc., and now we have from the Square LED Panel Lights used by the technical aspects of the technical details of the three aspects.
Commonly known as the LED for the cold light source, which is because the principle of LED light is a composite of electronic directly announced by the photon, without the need for heating the technical process. But because of the existence of Joule heat, LED in the light together with the heat along with the LED is the temperature sensitive equipment, when the temperature rises, its power dropped dramatically, so the architecture design and thermal technology development is also the subject of LED applications. Because forced air cooling is usually undesirable in the light source, progress is made with input power, heat sinks, and other ways to enhance natural convection cooling to create increasingly important effects in Square LED Panel Lights and light source sketches. Professional Square LED Panel Lights manufacturers to produce high-quality Square LED Panel Lights lighting effects easier to control, and the product is more frivolous, more reliable, and thus has been the consumer's favorite, carry forward the important performance results.

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