How To Achieve green Landscape Lighting?

- Jun 26, 2017-

How to pay attention to the living environment and health of human beings and animals and plants in the process of urban landscape lighting? How to achieve "green" landscape lighting? Landscape lighting should be people-oriented.

1. Consider safety reliability

In landscape lighting, lighting design and construction, the selection of lighting equipment, electrical equipment, control systems should ensure the maturity of technology, reliability, but also pay special attention to safety. Safety means that it does not cause harm to or harm to the environment. Safety also includes the mechanical strength, electrical, construction, operation and installation safety of the luminaire itself and its power distribution units.

2. Consider glare problems

At night, when glare is projected within 45 degrees of the person's vision, it can cause glare, which can not distinguish objects, affect walking and watching, and even cause traffic accidents. Therefore, the direction of light projection should avoid people's sight. On the other hand, it is necessary to prevent light pollution and affect people's normal life and work. Such as the impact of the living room, rest, into the sky, astronomical observation, etc..

3, consider the flora and fauna and human health issues

According to the functional types of the landscape, the surrounding landscape environment, the theme style and the use of lighting at night, the illuminance level of the landscape and the appropriate lighting design method should be selected;

The influence of overflow light on pedestrians, the surrounding environment and the landscape ecology should be avoided. Lawn lighting should consider the impact on the activities of personnel in the park, the light should be from top to bottom irradiation, should avoid excessive dispersion of light pollution caused by the environment and people.

4, intelligent centralized management of landscape lighting

To provide reasonable design for nightscape lighting is the most fundamental way to control light pollution. The method of intelligent centralized management and decentralized control should be adopted for the control of urban night scene lighting. For example, the switch can be controlled by the lighting mode, usually holiday mode, major holiday mode; switch on advertising, decoration, road lighting can be controlled by the microcomputer timer switch or a light timing mode.

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