Great Environmental Reshuffle? Lighting Products Prices Are Bound To Rise

- Dec 20, 2016-

In mid-October 2016, raw materials such as iron and steel, copper and zinc, aluminum, glass, plastic, packaging cartons and coking coal have indeed started to rise. Prices rise.

2016 November, the product prices have been staged successively, including freight costs Qiyun straight up 35% of the sea is soaring 50%, glass soaring 40%, plastic soaring 30%, 

aluminum soaring 30% steel prices 30% , Stainless steel also exploded 40%.

Foshan, part of the origin of soaring 304 yesterday, 800 yuan / ton. Wuxi, Zhangpu four feet base price 16800-16900 yuan / ton (trimming), Jiuquan, TISCO is 16700-16800 yuan / 

ton (cutting edge), Jiangsu Yongjin, Wang 16500-16600 yuan / ton ), East special, Castle Peak five feet offer 15,500 yuan / ton in the vicinity. Foshan, South China have risen 

to 16,800 yuan local origin / ton, and other origin cutting edge base price has also been as high as 17,000 yuan / ton.

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