Forest Lighting Intends To Cancel Its Electricity Companies For 3 Years Not Profit To Lose Hope?

- May 18, 2017-

Late on May 16, Forest Lighting , a wholly owned subsidiary plans to cancel shenzhen wood Tomlinson photoelectric electronic commerce co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the wooden Tomlinson business).I noticed that the unit has been three consecutive years of losses.

Unit 3 years in a row not to make a profit

On May 16, 2017 in the evening, Forest Lighting announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary plans to cancel shenzhen Forest Lighting photoelectric electronic commerce co., LTD.

Forest Lighting said that the cancellation is based on the company's overall strategy and planning, integrate and optimize configuration of existing resources, reduce the management cost and improve the efficiency of the company's overall business.The scope of consolidated financial statements, company will change accordingly, but will have a material impact on the company's consolidated financial statements.

Refer to Forest Lighting ipo prospectus, the reporter understands, Forest Lighting  business was established in 2014 on April 21,Forest Lighting business's main business for the electricity sales, expand the company Finished product electricity sales platform.Forest Lighting said in its annual report in 2014, Forest Lighting commerce perfected the electric company sales channels, improve the company's products market share, increase the company profit growth point.

"Daily economic news" reporter noticed that Forest Lighting  business has three consecutive years not profit.Annual report of listed companies, 2014 ~ 2016, Forest Lighting  net income is 1.1287 million yuan respectively, 3.2983 million yuan and 2.0644 million yuan.

Financial data (unaudited) shows that: as of March 31, 2017, Forest Lighting  business total assets of 3.1771 million yuan, with a net worth of 2.9617 million yuan, the first quarter net profit of 2017-2017 yuan.

Tomlinson if no longer extend e-commerce business for wood, Forest Lighting chairman secretary Ms. Li told reporters that "the next step to say again".

Electricity LED enterprises to explore meet the challenge

In recent years, under the atmosphere of the national electricity, LED the traditional companies began to constantly into electricity.However, with the increase of the cost of electricity, LED enterprises frequently encounter challenges on exploration electrical business channels.Some traditional brand enterprises found that electrical business operation cost pressure continues to increase, the electricity business profit space narrowing, even operating profit is difficult to maintain electrical contractor itself.

In July, 2016, was LED electrical contractor "dark horse", a lighting had operational problems.According to article lighting the chairman Liang Ronghua media interview, electrical goods brand operating costs roughly as follows: 11%, artificial Tmall buckle point, the promotion cost 5.5% to 15% 12%, delivery and after-sale, financial cost 2% to 2% 2%, water and electricity for rent, do sales on the platform, if there is no more than 50% of the gross profit margin, electrical goods brand is no way to continue as a going concern.

Wang told the "daily economic news" reporter, the traditional LED enterprises to do online, actually conflict with offline or larger.Because early electricity do more successful are no offline brand, is purely depend on the Internet to sell, the price is cheaper.But then a lot of big brands are also beginning to jump in, online more conflict.

In addition, due to the nature of the LED itself, also make the LED itself in the field of B2C sales is limited., wang said, "LED electric maker, comparing the conventional approach is to open stores in electric business platform, such as jingdong, Tmall shops platform to go up and do the comparison, but it didn't see a few successful cases. Mostly because lighting is not something must consume every day, just in a very small piece of household appliances, generally followed some big stores or big shops in go. In fact, want to have an offline brand resources with offline channels to cooperate will be better, or purely is the only electrical business, then the electricity this done very fine."

"Daily economic news" reporter noted that the current Forest Lighting  Tmall flagship store has been closed, in Tmall search bar has been unable to query to the shop.

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