Energy Saving Measures Of Urban Lighting

- Sep 26, 2016-

Reason of high, electricity
First of all, road lighting's main aim is to make the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, the main purpose is to beautify the urban landscape of outdoor lighting, to provide the public with a harmonious and warm atmosphere. Flow of passengers, traffic has significantly reduced at 12 o'clock in the evening, while demand is low, the voltage increases, the light bulb brighter than the sky cleared towards mid-night and, therefore, light utilization is very low at this time, if measures are not taken to adjust the illumination, wasting quite a bit of electricity.
Secondly, road lighting is directly connected with the mains electricity grid, according to tests, the power supply transformer output voltage than the rated voltage 220V, some up to 250V, power output increased significantly.
Again, due to the lighting, light sources, such as improper selection, consumes the same amount of electric energy produced by photosynthetic efficiency significantly lower cable material size and influences of loss of power supply line sizes. In addition, the currently used are mainly inductive ballast, because there is not enough emphasis on reactive power compensation, power increased considerably.

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