Effects Of 300x300 LED Panel Lights On Plants

- Aug 15, 2017-

Effects of 300x300 LED Panel Lights on Plants
  People age is big, the skin will gradually rough, loose, people for the beautiful, choose a lot of skin care products, car for a long time, there will be wear, into the dust, etc., for the car, we will be open to a certain distance , Also need maintenance.
300x300 LED Panel Lights is very simple, first turn off the power, with a rag on the line, can not use the wet Wiping the cloth, now the 300x300 LED Panel Lights do very tight, dust can not enter, just wipe the outer surface of the board light on the line, remember that you can not use the chemical and corrosive things to clean, will affect the surface of the white paint off drop.
With the improvement of our lives, the quality of life is getting higher and higher, the people of the necessities of life more diverse and varied, the market is also changing, LED lamps and lights are the same as our common, two-color panel lights is our most common one Such as hotel, bar, KTV, Western restaurant, cafe, home interior decoration, and so on, this light design is flexible, simple, high brightness, less heat, long life, LED track light control , With the environment and custom, different scenes show different atmosphere, can be the majority of people love.
Some people will ask me in the office there are flowers, but no empty take the sun photosynthesis, the office is installed 300x300 LED Panel Lights, this light LED ceiling light will have any effect on the plant it. The following by the Jujia with you to understand 300x300 LED Panel Lights, after reading the answer.
Now the 300x300 LED Panel Lights has undergone several generations of replacement, has been to earth-shaking changes, energy saving, energy saving, environmental protection, home, LED downlight works, office, etc. can be seen everywhere 300x300 LED Panel Lights, for plants is Rich in spectral types, consistent with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and light form; spectral width of half width narrow, according to the need to obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum;
LED flashlight can focus on a specific wavelength of light balanced irradiation of crops; not only can regulate crop flowering and strong, but also control plant height and plant nutrients; system less heat, small footprint, can be used for multi-layer cultivation of three-dimensional combination system, To achieve a low heat load and production of empty LED lamps with miniaturization; In addition, its strong durability also reduces operating costs. Due to these notable features, the 300x300 LED Panel Lights is well suited for plant cultivation in controlled environments such as plant tissue culture, facility gardening and industrial nursery and aerospace eco-life protection systems.
 300x300 LED Panel Lights is an ultra-thin energy-saving environmental protection and security of LED lighting, business concerns of an energy-saving environmentally friendly security LED lighting, can replace the existing traditional panel lighting. After purchasing 300x300 LED Panel Lights, how do we install the 300x300 LED Panel Lights?
300x300 LED Panel Lights embedded installation that is
First install the sheet metal slot on the ceiling, and then in the 300x300 LED Panel Lights on the back of a few pieces of outward protruding branch 300x300 LED Panel Lights frame, and then the panel lights into the bracket and the ceiling of the sheet metal slot fit, you can Fixed on the ceiling. But because of the different thickness of the ceiling, so the need to adjust the height between the lamp and the bracket, otherwise it will cause 300x300 LED Panel Lights installed higher or lower than the ceiling surface of the phenomenon.  
As a representative of energy-saving lamps, the 300x300 LED Panel Lights is small in size, energy-saving and environmentally friendly and has a long service life and is widely used in office space or in the home. But now this integrated ceiling LED panel lights have a lot of species, we do not know how to distinguish 300x300 LED Panel Lights quality is good or bad, let's take a look below.
The so-called one-piece panel light is 300x300 LED Panel Lights is sealed, to achieve a good moisture and waterproof effect, the heat is relatively better. Jujia lighting 300x300 LED Panel Lights is used in the sealing process LED lamps. There are many 300x300 LED Panel Lights is split, so that the lamp is not only poor heat performance, and the use of time is not long.

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