Do You Know How Complex Matrix Of LED Lamps?

- May 17, 2017-

LED technology to boost the development of automotive lighting technology, presumably a lot of people have been very familiar with the LED headlamps. But for the matrix headlamp experience is not estimated so much. If the LED headlamps give designers a higher degree of freedom of modeling, then the matrix headlamps are more realistic for car lighting to become more intelligent, allowing the driver to focus on driving, and letting road traffic safer.


With the development of LED technology, LED headlamps cost also decreased year by year, LED headlamps are becoming more and more popular, such as Carola high with models. But the matrix headlamps are still basically ABB and other high-end luxury brand configuration, in the two or three million price models on the little configuration. The reason, I think there are three points.

First, regulatory issues. We know that China's automobile laws and regulations are basically based on ECE regulations (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Economic Regulations) combined with local characteristics to develop, at present, GB regulations have not matrix matrix legislation to make detailed technical requirements, the major domestic Car companies in the design of this system when the reference is the ECE regulations.

Second, research and development and manufacturing capabilities. Matrix headlamp is a system engineering, not only more powerful than the lane support system image processing capabilities, but also need to light the supplier of high light distribution technology and high precision light source module manufacturing capacity. As far as we know, the current domestic addition to individual suppliers, most of the suppliers in the country do not have the matrix of the headlamp system development capabilities.


Third, the cost of the problem. The application of high-tech intelligent products eventually escaped a cost problem. Matrix headlamp system costs even more than ordinary LED headlamps several times, which is currently on the market most of the hot models is a great pressure. Of course, some of the cost, such as camera can be lane-assisted, automatic parking and other functions of the sharing, so many models of matrix-type headlamp configuration is with the lane auxiliary lamp function is a binding relationship.

In fact, SAIC GM as early as two years ago, Wei Lang GS provides a matrix-type headlamp configuration, immediately listed Regal is the matrix of the first model of the first model. This should be a general focus on advanced technology applications, for consumers to consider a manifestation of it

Mentioned above, matrix LED headlamps high cost, that specific high where? We take a look at the new Regal headlamps, which is a huge system engineering, hardware and software are indispensable both.

Hardware on the need for suspension travel sensor, steering wheel angle sensor, light sensor, lamp control module and the most important point - high-resolution camera support, and the manufacturing capacity is also a great demand, especially the light source module manufacturing Accuracy aspects.

Matrix headlights can take into account both corner lighting

Software needs a powerful image recognition processing function, due to data transmission and response time requirements, the communication between the system is to complete through the CAN bus. The co-operation of these systems in order to create such a smart lighting system, so that the car can be precise and rapid response to changes in the environment to provide the required lighting mode.

The difference between ordinary LED headlamps and conventional headlamps may only be a replacement for light sources. Its complexity and matrix headlamps can not be compared. The complexity of matrix headlamps is also a challenge to suppliers' R & D capabilities and manufacturing capabilities. As far as we know, the cost of the matrix headlamp system is even the number of ordinary LED headlamps, or even ten times.

The development of matrix headlamps is in Europe, and even can be said that the revolution in automotive lighting technology is dominated by Europe. Buick Regal is actually a European car with authentic European cars, lighting technology to maintain a direction with the direction of the leader is not difficult to imagine is the original intention of the designer.

With the accumulation of technology and development, especially now the trend of intelligent cars, matrix headlamps will certainly be equipped with more and more. With the upgrading of independent brand competitiveness, and gradually enter the high-end market, the application of matrix headlamps will be more and more common.

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