CSP Chip Scale Packaging Is Gradually Infiltrate Into The LED Field

- Mar 28, 2017-

LED Packing Technology in new faces.General semiconductor manufacturers have been quite familiar with Chip Scale packaging (Chip Scale Package, CSP), and is gradually infiltratedLEDAreas, such as mobile phone flash and LCD TV backlight use leds have started to import this technology.

According to research firm Yole Developpement, estimates that in 2016 the CSP encapsulation of LED module total LED module market share of less than 1%, but as a result of CSP can realize more compact packaging, but also help to improve power density and improve heat dissipation problems, provide higher illuminance in unit area, based on the above advantages, CSP module LED development prospect is worth looking forward to.By 2021, the proportion of CSP total LED module encapsulation, is expected to climb to 5.6%.

In fact, part of the LED application has already started to import the CSP module, such as flash and part of the intelligent mobile phone LCD TV LED backlight, have to switch to the CSP module, the CSP module also have the opportunity to gradually penetrated into general lighting applications, such as headlights.

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