Concrete Hand-made Craft Lamp, Let The Life Return To Nature

- Mar 01, 2017-

Concrete is inorganic gelling material such as cement, lime and gypsum mixing with water to make concrete mixture of civil engineering materials.It has gray original tone and texture conveys "return to nature" natural effect, under the brand of a few industrial design reuse.Before design addiction also introduced Stockholm designer Jonas Wagell using concrete work to design a minimum concrete lamps.

From Poland the lamps and lanterns of brand Loft You brand in the design of the new craft lights, will also be combined with concrete materials and hand-made craft.



Natural (primary)

Brand has always been adhering to the "human needs" sharp idea, creates the design concept of combining modern trend and technology of a series of products, the most prominent is it contracted, classic and modern style diversity, through a combination of strategy and conceptual thinking, become a kind of form, the beauty of fusion products.The most main characteristic is that: rigorous and precise focus products production, every product is handmade seiko.



Bee (mixed color)

In the new design, Loft You kept consistent and concise style, craft lamp light body modelling are the same, the difference lies in the transformation on the color: with the gray tone of concrete material is given priority to, colour chooses amber, Black, such as time, quality of a material of high quality coating assembly lamp, and a Natural, Cooper, Cooper up, Black, Bee and other five kinds of color can choose.



Cooper (amber)

Suitable for kitchen, dining-room, sitting room, office, etc.Lamp body is the total weight is 1.5 kg, size of 20 x 20 x 19 cm, S and XL yards, craft lamp power cord length is 1 m, E27 type of common thread lamp holder needs to be available with a 60 watt light bulb.



Cooper Up (amber)



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