Citizen Developed Two Types Of Micro Level High Power Infrared Leds

- Apr 26, 2017-

Citizen developed two types of micro level high power infrared leds

    For a long time, citizen use in the manufacture of LED the development of packaging technology, developed by using infrared light components of infrared LED, using the optical components, chip phototransistor, optical reflector as representative's high sensitivity optical sensors, has been applied in a large number of products.

    Due to the nature of the infrared is not visible light, the most suitable for biological recognition such as safety purposes, are expected to use infrared applications will be further expanded.Citizen electronics co., LTD has developed two types of micro level high power infrared leds and smartphones, tablets and other mobile terminals used for the iris recognition and computer face recognition purposes.

The main advantages

1. To develop two kinds of models, respectively for iris recognition and face recognition and surveillance cameras

CL - 1500 - IRA 】 【 precise positioning, the most suitable for mobile terminals of iris recognition

 High power LED, infrared output are best suited for iris recognition 810 nm wavelength light source.This product of eyes with infrared radiation, using mobile terminals equipped with the iris of the camera for identification.

By reading the human iris identification of iris recognition is a safe means of high security, smartphones and tablets and other mobile terminals used for the situation continues to increase, it is generally believed in the future will also receive further popularization.

[CL - 1520 - IRC] exposure in wide Angle, the most applicable computer face recognition and surveillance cameras shooting at night

Equipped with wide-angle lens infrared LED, has realized the computer face recognition and required by the surveillance camera "high power, wide pointing Angle".

Part of a high range of computer equipped with facial recognition using the camera to face to identify infrared irradiation characteristics of the individual, because it can realize the safety countermeasures in high security, it is generally believed in the future will further expand the application for the center with a laptop.

2. Micro level of packaging size

Based on the performance and development of packaging technology, realized the micro level of 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm.Be narrowed in space, for further small mobile terminals, thin and high performance contribution.

In addition, the height of the "CL - 1520 - IRC" control to 2.3 ㎜, also support in recent years to speed up the narrow margin of notebook computer.

3. The radiation intensity and high efficiency infrared power

Using the company's unique optical design technology and improve the luminous efficiency of encapsulation technology, "CL - 1500 - IRA" realize the achieve the high infrared radiation intensity of 2900 mW/sr, real object object."CL - 1520 - IRC" to achieve the high efficiency infrared power 1300 mW / 1 a, its infrared irradiation to distance.

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