Choose Several Reasons To Use The 300x300 LED Panel Lights

- Jun 27, 2017-

Choose several reasons to use the 300x300 LED panel lights
 1. Low energy consumption If a business monthly lighting tariff of  100,000 yuan, then the choice of LED, then its monthly only 3-4 million  RMB or so, showing the effect is quite obvious.

2. Carbon dioxide emissions per kilogram of electricity, the emission of carbon dioxide content of about 0.62 kg. Compared with the choice of 300x300 LED panel lights, you can reduce  0.62 kg × 68% = 0.42 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, for the protection  of the ecological environment play a significant role.

3. Environmental protection LED lights do not contain mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), recyclable. From the above three points can be seen that this product is in  response to the country: low carbon, energy saving, environmental  protection call!

4. high brightness  

5. Long life ordinary fluorescent lamp life is short, about 3000-5000 hours. The 300x300 LED panel lamp life of 30,000 hours or more (3-5 years), equivalent to 10 times the life of ordinary lights.

6. Wide start 300x300 LED panel light start voltage of 100V-240V can be activated. While the ordinary fluorescent lamp, the voltage is too low is not lit, can not start normally.

7. No  delay LED light response time for the nanosecond, turn on the lights  without waiting, instant light, can be repeated many times. While the ordinary fluorescent light when there is a delay process, if the frequent switch will lead to damage to the lamp.

8. No noise 300x300 LED panel lights do not produce noise, quiet and comfortable.

9. No strobe ordinary fluorescent use of alternating current, so every second will produce 100-200 times the strobe. The LED light is the direct conversion of AC into direct current, does  not produce strobe phenomenon, protect the eyes, get "soft" lighting  environment.

10. Material is solid ordinary fluorescent lamp is made of glass material, fragile, dangerous. The LED lights, then the use of advanced engineering plastics plus  aluminum alloy, built-in semiconductor chip light, no filament, no glass  bubble, not afraid of vibration, not broken.

11.  reduce labor costs, reduce the loss of ordinary fluorescent light in  3-5 years, to frequently break a lot of roots, and broken at the same  time to please the electrician up, so that both waste of manpower and  increase wear and tear. Small numbers will also accumulate a large fee. And  LED lights, then the service life is 3 years, that is, in these three  years, the lamps will not be damaged, even if there is a problem, you  can also find manufacturers to help solve, so that both the cost of  labor and increase the loss, Business burden.

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