China Lighting Industry In The Future Development Of The Three Trends

- Sep 26, 2016-

Trend: mixed vector-borne
Many lighting very confused why spokesmen CCTV ads, but the outcome was generally? this is because they do not grasp the dynamics of communication environment.

Trend II: consumption upgrade
Consumer upgrade includes two aspects: one is externally driven Government forces; second, the internal consumer demand driven.

Lighting industry belongs to energy-intensive industries, consumption and waste of resources is enormous. In recent years, the Government began to strengthen the guiding and supporting industrial upgrading lighting enterprises. 2010 State subsidies will once again promote the deer and the cauldron of 150 million efficient lighting products, this huge cake will be partitioned by the 35 outstanding lighting business. This is the third consecutive year of subsidies on efficient lighting products, subsidies on the scale and number of successful enterprises, hit another new high.

Trend: the market sinks
China market is dominated by urban population and rural population consisting of pyramid structure. Over the years, total population 20% urban population accounted for consumption of the main position. In the lighting market, in a pyramid spire of the wealthy have been largely Philips, OSRAM and GE and other foreign brands rule; the accumulation of domestic brands in the middle of the pyramid, Mitsuo like NVC, op art, Aurora, sunshine, lonon brands; and the bottom of the pyramid is filled with low-grade, cheap, inferior products, almost no brand at all.

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