Buy LED Lamps Have To See Five Tips

- Nov 26, 2016-

1th, according to season, environment temperature: colour temperature in the range of 2700~6500K, numerical less preferred yellow, but prefer light blue and white, yellow is usually applied to winter and the bedroom, living room, dining room, and so on, to create a warm and comfortable feeling. White light is bright and clear, suitable for summer and study room, kitchen etc.

2nd move to emphasize color contrast, select high color rendering: color rendering refers to the authenticity of the object is irradiated by light color, numerical values for the 0~100, LED light bulb color rendering standards now are greater than 75 per cent, but people recommended 80 per cent better, home studio of people should choose high color rendering of light bulbs, better reflects the truth of color.

3rd move according to the number of ping, ambient lighting needs, select the quantity and luminous flux: flux refers to the brightness. Under the same number of ping, depending on the environment, use different numbers of bulbs. Likewise 5 bedroom and need 2 and 5 of the study 13-watt light bulb.

4th, select high: high luminous efficiency represent more saving, efficiency of current LED lamp "lumen (LM)/wattage (w)" generally higher than 80, choose a value of higher power.

5th, general type LED bulb (not wide angle) applies to the down-lights, wide-angle LED bulbs suitable for flood lighting: refers to the light angle, generally speaking, LED light bulb under the applicable according to the luminaire, for example embedded lights wide-angle LED bulbs is suitable flood lights, for example, wall lamps, floor lamp

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