Barclays Bank: IPhone Or Use These Two Methods For The IPhone 8 To Build AR Function

- Mar 07, 2017-

Webex market about 8 phone will use the rumored iPhone 3 d sensors to provide AR function of speculation is deepened, barclays bank, in a research report describes two different ways to do this, and that from the point of supply chain report, apple will actually combine the two methods.

Barclays bank, according to the perception of 3 d space is the simplest method is to use the so-called "Time of Flight" (Time of Flight) technology, which is issued by the modulation of near-infrared light sensor, when the object after the reflection, then through calculating the transmission and reflection light sensor lag or phase difference to the conversion is the distance of the shooting scene, to create depth information.Also combined with the traditional camera, which will be the object of three-dimensional contours in different colors represent different distance way of topographic map.

But at the same time, the other is much more complicated, that is what is called a "Structured Light" (Structured Light), and grating or line Light source is projected onto the object to be tested, according to the distortion of they produce to analyte demodulation of 3 d information.

Famous American business magazine "Fast Company" after first reported the 3 d system, said it could be used for face recognition function, as a fingerprint identification way outside another iPhone unlock.

Barclays bank: apple or use these two methods for the iPhone 8 AR function

If 8 USES facial recognition to the iPhone as the main way to unlock, supplemented by embedded fingerprint reader, will to a large extent by Apple MacBook Pro is similar to the 2016 Watch smart watches automatic unlock, supplemented by Touch the ID sensor.

Kgi securities are subsequently published research report, guess it might be used to on the basis of 3 d take to create the user's game "avatar".

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) has repeatedly expressed its interest in augmented reality, and according to a report by the Swiss banking group, said the company has 1000 engineers are working on this matter, this technique may be iPhone 8 and speculation.Morgan Stanley has made a guess, but the bank are more inclined to take a dim view.

In addition, barclays bank in the previous release, according to a report may be issued a red apple iPhone, is likely to be introduced as 7 subsequent upgrade version of the iPhone.

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