Ancient Architectural Lighting: Protection And Integration In The Heritage Of Innovation

- Jun 29, 2017-


 Ancient architecture carries a city or even a dynasty of history, reflecting the deep historical and cultural heritage. With the development of urban night lighting and tourism in China, ancient architecture is an important historical and cultural carrier and tourist place in the city, and its night landscape value and commercial value are paid more and more attention.

    But the ancient architectural night lighting is not satisfactory, the lack of beauty of lighting effects, for the ancient building protection, energy conservation, glare control and other aspects of the problem is still subject to many disputes and torture. Therefore, how to enhance the ancient building night through the image of the image, to expand the cultural value of urban night, at the same time, but also to the ancient buildings to make stringent protection, is the current challenges of ancient architectural lighting.

Protection and integration of ancient architectural lighting products, the details of innovation

   In the 2017 light sub-exhibition, the ancient architectural lighting products are also conform to this trend, both from the appearance or function of the design, the ancient buildings have a "considerate" to consider. CLDA president Xie Maotang also pointed out that as the state in the monument protection to strengthen management, the future of the ancient architectural lighting in the individual order requirements, there will be an expansion of the trend. And this year, the development of light sub-architectural lighting products and technology are showing a progressive performance, manufacturers for how to install lamps and can protect the ancient buildings, and more innovative. In addition to the sophisticated production process, light and scene control also improved.

    Ancient buildings have a lot of special requirements for the lights, and can not be destroyed, the product is in the details of the products done very well, for example, they hide the appearance of the ancient building inside the lamp line is also hidden very good, many details Taking into account the convenience of the installation.

    The future of the ancient building trend, should be developed with the ancient structure of the close and color matching lamps, need more hidden lamps. In addition, the ancient buildings in fact there are some cultural things in the inside, such as Buddhism, Taoism, there are many spiritual and cultural aspects of things, in fact, need to express it, need to do more in line with the unique culture of ancient buildings and attributes of the product With design.

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