Analysis On The Present Situation And Development Trend Of 600x600 LED Panel Lights

- Sep 06, 2017-

Analysis on the Present Situation and Development Trend of 600x600 LED Panel Lights
600x600 LED Panel Lights to carry out the status quo
600x600 LED Panel Lights is a high-level indoor lighting, the outer frame by the anodized aluminum alloy, the light source for the LED, the entire lighting planning beautiful concise, atmospheric luxury, both outstanding lighting, but also to bring people To the United States feeling. 600x600 LED Panel Lights plan common, light through the high light transmittance of the light guide plate after the formation of a uniform plane luminescence, illumination uniformity, light soft, comfortable and yet bright, can be useful to relieve eye fatigue. Such a good commodity, now how the mall reaction?
2014 is a well-known led the first year, many sales of goods because of its environmental nature gradually recognized by everyone, and selling up, especially in the February 23-26 to the 10th Guangzhou World LED Lighting Show People will be deeply touched - no matter what the company, what positioning, basically do the indoor lighting companies have 600x600 LED Panel Lights show. It can be seen that this product has never been seen to be seen, to the present trend of the public, experienced a long time to meet.
There are industry stakeholders that "suddenly so many companies to pay attention to 600x600 LED Panel Lights first two reasons: the top, offer is the center point, 600x600 LED Panel Lights offer gradually close to the needs of shopping malls; second, see the success Of the case, in the earliest ceiling category basically all 600x600 LED Panel Lights to the replacement, the ceiling after the success of the change to give you a great determination, have started digging 600x600 LED Panel Lights.
Companies are so important, but the hot new products, does not mean that the high market share It is understood that, despite the 600x600 LED Panel Lights are very fire, but because the time is not long to offer a higher offer, the current shopping malls penetration is not high. Shenzhen Hua Chuang Li Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Haihui that from the current degree of development of shopping malls and consumer awareness, their understanding of the panel lights there is cognitive ambiguity, the use of 600x600 LED Panel Lights and The benefits do not understand, especially in the 34 shopping malls.
600x600 LED Panel Lights in the country, although still fresh, but in foreign countries is already very common goods. So now led to the production and application of LED flat lights is still relatively small, does not constitute a more common form of commodity specifications, and most of the export-oriented. Because the current LED flat panel for commercial applications to replace T8 and other grille lamps, domestic production companies tend to use a larger power chip to develop shopping malls. According to the material records, in 2010 China's LED flat lamp output value of about 800,000, the overall shopping mall planning nearly 600 million yuan. Export share in all kinds of lamps in the lower, about 36.8%, the production company will be concentrated in Shanxi, Guangdong, Shanghai and other regions, industrial agglomeration effect is larger.
600x600 LED Panel Lights to the current so far, the goods in the price has the advantage to the force. According to the LED lighting products, the global shopping malls production and sales statistics, China's LED in the downstream part of the lighting and packaging applications and commercial applications have the largest share of shopping malls, strong manufacturing system allows China to develop and produce the best LED lighting products The And when the output value of LED lighting products increased significantly after the manufacturing and supporting services industry has also been carried out, 600x600 LED Panel Lights products will be cheaper, very good function, the future into the general lighting category, the company will adapt to the mall Very good and more competitive good merchandise.
    In today's society, green, environmental protection, energy saving all become nowadays public seeking policy. Whether it is diet, living in the search for environmental protection and energy conservation. LED is also slowly recognized by everyone, slowly instead of the traditional energy-saving lamps. According to expert analysis in 2015 the country will be the general promotion of LED lights. In the hospital this long time to turn on the lights. LED lamps are more urgent. Then the following talk about the use of this 600x600 LED Panel Lights in the hospital.
    First of all, the lights used in hospitals are basically traditional fluorescent lamps, such as double fluorescent lamps, downlights of these. The Now with LED flat light 300 * 1200 can completely replace the traditional. This energy-saving transformation time-saving, and has a high brightness characteristics, energy efficient, long life And the hospital is a public place, 600x600 LED Panel Lights, no infrared, no UV, the skin will not form a hazard, to avoid the onset of skin diseases.

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