Analysis Of Seven Structural Components Of Rectangle LED Panel Lights And Its Function

- Sep 30, 2017-

 With the LED industry at all levels of government policy guidance and support, the development of market applications is also particularly extensive, especially as a rising star of the Rectangle LED Panel Lights market is also used to promote the times, in large hotels, office meetings, Factories and office, commercial residential, public schools and related government administrative units are enabled luminous effect of a good Rectangle LED Panel Lights, and energy saving and lighting effects and lighting effects are subject to the market affirmation, the consumer on the Rectangle LED Panel Lights itself structural components or Not much understanding, in order to better maintenance and maintenance of Rectangle LED Panel Lights products, specifically under the Rectangle LED Panel Lights structure of the composition, which is mainly composed of seven important structural components, first share the following:
1. Selection of aluminum frame for Rectangle LED Panel Lights.
In the selection of aluminum frame, mainly based on customer choice of products to design and use, the first is aluminum extrusion molding aluminum frame, this frame surface effect is good, the cooling effect is ok, the first Two kinds of compression molding is the use of aluminum frame, this type of framework ip protection level is guaranteed, sealing effect is ok, Rectangle LED Panel Lights overall appearance effect is perfect, although the cost is more expensive than the first, but the main Or according to the customer's order or test mode and then arranged to advance to the customer, the most important thing is to always meet the different customer demand for product quality.
2. The function and requirements of the light guide plate.
In the Rectangle LED Panel Lights throughout the composition of the components, the light guide plate is a more important position, similar to the computer host in the cpu, of course, the function of the light guide plate is the need to make the whole panel light effect to achieve a uniform effect, Of the functional requirements, the need for the light guide plate of the network for excellent design, as well as the use of the plate is also need to pay attention to, the most important thing is the light transmission rate must meet the requirements of product shipments, sheet suppliers in the choice of suppliers Need to be careful, pay attention to the function of the procurement of products rigorous testing, so as to ensure the production of high-quality Rectangle LED Panel Lights products.
3. The choice of diffusion plate and its role.
In the choice of the diffusion plate of the Rectangle LED Panel Lights, we choose from the effective light transmittance of the rectangular light guide plate of the rectangle LED panel lamp, and generally choose the acrylic plate to make the diffusion plate, and its light transmittance can reach 92 Percentage points, acrylic product weakness is anti-aging ability is not strong, the advantages of light transmission efficiency than other materials is more suitable for doing diffusion plate.
4. on the role of reflective paper.
In the Rectangle LED Panel Lights components in the main purpose of reflective paper is the light guide plate on the back of the light reflected back, its importance is also a high-quality Rectangle LED Panel Lights components, can not be missed.
5. LED light source for Rectangle LED Panel Lights.
A lot of Rectangle LED Panel Lights manufacturers in the use of LED light source are basically using SMD3528, of course, rectangular LED panel manufacturers face the dynamic market, we need to meet the actual situation to different customers of the product design Specific needs, which is always focused on quality, focus on Rectangle LED Panel Lights one of the important factors.
6. Rectangle LED Panel Lights used in the rear cover.
The back cover is mainly used to seal the lamp body use, for the metal aluminum material, the visual sense of the overall texture is strong, because it is aluminum's sake, but also play the role of heat.
7. Rectangle LED Panel Lights drive power
At present, the choice of drive power, mainly based on the needs of customers based on, for example, if foreign buyers to purchase your Rectangle LED Panel Lights, then all of your components must meet the buyers of the country's quality certification Standard, so the choice of Rectangle LED Panel Lights drive on the choice of two, one is constant current drive power, this is more suitable for taking the domestic market, and the first two are constant voltage and constant current mode both drive power , Although the high cost, but this can go to the international market, foreign trade export wood has any problems.



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