A Global LED Lights Replace Tide

- Jan 18, 2017-

With the rapid development of LED lighting and energy-saving emission reduction of the background, more and more cities to replace their street lights LED lighting products, street lighting out of business opportunities began to shape, is expected to the number of global street lamps in 2025 will reach 350 million Light. Recently, which cities have to open LED street lighting installation project?

Montreal, Canada, 132,000 street lights will be transformed into LED lights

It is reported that Montreal, Canada, the city government will be its 132,000 street lamps replace the LED light source products to make a decision.

The City of Montreal has plans to replace incandescent bulbs with cheaper, more energy-efficient LED lighting products (4000K-based). However, taking into account the high color temperature may bring health problems, the city people opposed to this. Many people like Toronto and Chicago 3000K light source products.

Montreal Mayor said that despite the city government has not yet made a decision, but now give up the 4000K voice is high. It is reported that once the use of which color temperature-based products, the city of Montreal may be large-scale project tender.

Singapore plans to replace the country by 2022 LED lights

Singapore Land Transport Authority announced that the plan will be 2022 before the island street lights replaced with more energy-efficient LED street lights, and the introduction of new remote monitoring system, according to weather conditions, switch street lights.

Singapore authorities have launched two pilot projects in the past, in some areas to test high power and general power LED street lamp. From 2013 began to be part of the street lights into LED street lights, has been installed for about 4000 street lights LED lamp.

The Singapore Government Streetlamp Replacement Program will be carried out in three phases: Stage 1 will cover 500 low-traffic and residential roads which are scheduled to be completed by 2018. The second phase, which is concentrated in the central region, is expected to be completed by 2019. The third stage, the replacement of the rest of the street lights project is expected to be completed by 2022 years ago.

The Ukrainian government wants to invest 84.8 billion som for the city street big transformation

According to the Uzbek Ministry of Finance news, in order to reduce energy consumption, the introduction of advanced energy-saving technologies, optimize the lighting system, the Ukrainian government plans 2017-2019 three years of fiscal allocations 84.8 billion som (according to the official exchange rate of about 28.3 million US dollars) Tashkent, including 28 city street lighting system, of which 2017 annual plan financial allocation of 240 billion som (about 8 million US dollars).

The project involves replacing 8,283 luminaires and optimizing 2779.2 kilometers of lines, with plans to replace the existing high-energy-consuming luminaires by 2020 with modern energy-efficient lighting using light-emitting diode technology.

Taiwan Jia City LED lights installed

Taiwan's Chiayi City street lamp after another out of stock, the city said, the city replaced a total of 30000 mercury lamps, installed on the new LED lights, is expected to stage 13000 lights in the Lunar New Year before the completion of the construction, 17,000 is expected to contract with the contractor in the near future, after the Spring Festival construction.

Director of Works, Mr Lee Kin-yin, said that the first stage of the project costs from the central grant of $ 130 million to pay the second phase of the project cost of $ 170 million, is the city and the manufacturers to purchase terms of 17,000 LED lights, LED lights each year to save about 25 million yuan electricity to support.

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