300x300 LED Panel Lights Technology Popularization

- Jun 12, 2017-

300x300 LED Panel Lights technology popularization
With the market penetration of 300x300 LED Panel Lights products increased year by year, the lamp manufacturers also focus on new product R & D positioning 300x300 LED Panel Lightss products. 300x300 LED Panel Lightss as a new technology to promote the development of various technologies around its surrounding, while in the development of a variety of unexpected problems, the new market participants also through their own original advantages to redefine the market The

The popularity of the 300x300 LED Panel Lights technology, due to its low energy consumption, is seen as an ideal alternative to the huge energy consumption of traditional lamp products. Coupled with its rich colors, are widely used in home lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting. With the 300x300 LED Panel Lightsing efficiency continues to improve, the cooling technology is mature, drive the progress of technology, the last two years in the indoor and outdoor lighting on the force.

Indoor products and people's lives closer, the market has great potential. The domestic market sales are mainly 300x300 LED Panel Lightss downlights, ceiling lamps, beans and spotlights and so on. Early Downlights and Spotlights The basic selection of single-particle 300x300 LED Panel Lightss, through the design of different circuit boards to adapt to different power and caliber.

This product has three main problems:

First, due to the 300x300 LED Panel Lightss a variety of technical control is lacking, the product failure rate is high, once the failure need to replace the entire product, rather than as traditional products as long as the replacement of the light source can be, as a result, maintenance costs very high;

Second: 300x300 LED Panel Lightss issued by the light is not the designer needs a uniform circular spot, but a number of light spots superimposed;

Third, the different 300x300 LED panel lamp pellet combination and caliber products need to re-structure, optical and thermal design, resulting in design costs, mold costs, storage costs and manufacturing costs corresponding increase.

In order to solve the above problems, the current 300x300 LED Panel Lights products also have some trends. For example, for the traditional QRCBC, QR111 halogen lamps, using the same specifications of the 300x300 LED Panel Lights source, both the use of the original transformer and lamp body, but also the same as the traditional light source to replace the light source.

In addition, the use of COB package and meet the ZHAGA standard light engine trends to standard 300x300 LED Panel Lights source, in the case of constant size to improve the luminous flux, reduce design and manufacturing costs. For spotlights, the ultra-narrow beam angle is one of the advantages of lamp manufacturers to design and manufacture.

Dimming is also the development trend of lighting products. Domestic dimming of indoor products is mainly 0 ~ 10V, in the international application of more mature DALI dimming method is still relatively small. Because it is aware that 300x300 LED Panel Lights dimming may produce color bleaching problems, dimming requirements are no longer a simple voltage regulator current, and PWM-based. But this will also bring EMC and other issues need to be further resolved.

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