600x600 LED Panel Lights Has Become The First Choice For Office Lighting

- Sep 15, 2017-

600x600 LED Panel Lights has become the first choice for office lighting
A reference to office lighting, many dealers first thought is 600x600 LED Panel Lights, thanks to 600x600 LED Panel Lights manufacturers of its image and market positioning of publicity, on the other hand with the 600x600 LED Panel Lights itself Characteristics are inextricably linked
The category and luminous efficiency of the fixtures used in office space are significantly different from those of commercial lighting. In the office, to give employees a more comfortable working environment, 600x600 LED Panel Lights on the ground to provoke the protagonist. It uses flat light guide technology, so that the light emitted by the panel uniform and comfortable, no flicker and no noise, can be a good protection of the eyes.
According to the official data show that in 2013 the output value of indoor lighting has reached more than 600 billion yuan. Office lighting as the indoor lighting market can not be ignored a market space, its market share, although not as downlight, ceiling is so outstanding, but its 2013 market performance can not be underestimated.
The data also show that the total output value of 600x600 LED Panel Lights in 2013 has exceeded 4 billion yuan, an increase of 160%, sales reached 35 million, an increase of about 300%. This data shows that 600x600 LED Panel Lights in 2013 sales have been outbreak.
Imagine China 600x600 LED Panel Lights enterprises have their own can bear such a huge financial pressure? Even with the financial strength, there are several can withstand such a long quality assurance? Own business products have confidence? There are many small businesses Market positioning is the export, but many domestic enterprises in addition to the advantages of low prices, the patent, product quality and so there is no advantage, the results accidentally get an order, even if not into the tedious work of the warranty, there is no second single. It is understood that there is no order of the number of enterprises is still a lot of orders.
   "Production", "development" how to solve? So there have been new phenomena and new market mix, more and more customers more and more believe that 600x600 LED Panel Lights industry companies, because of safe, reliable, cost-effective ; Also appeared "leasing company + manufacturers + customers" tripartite partner, because it is the perfect combination of "money, products, market," the best combination. Some of the strength of large enterprises, in some projects on their own contract to do energy management model. Small businesses are still not far from development, they are facing survival, but in such a reality how to survive? Only and the strength of large enterprises marriage, or the need for a lot of money into the exercise of their internal strength, in order to better development , But it takes time to practice a good internal effort.
In the long history of human history, no lighting equipment like 600x600 LED Panel Lights is not yet mature enough to be high hopes, but the slow development, but also to the 600x600 LED Panel Lights product conceptualization, lack of customer base. Even if the government is trying to support the growth of the 600x600 LED Panel Lights with 600x600 LED Panel Lights as a breakthrough, the 600x600 LED Panel Lights is still unmatched by both civil and commercial customers. At this time there is a dangerous signal: 600x600 LED Panel Lights manufacturers have to compress costs as the first priority! Many companies will 600x600 LED Panel Lights of the current to make the brightness to maintain the same circumstances to reduce the number of wicks to save costs, Or compression PCB area, or reduce the safety devices and other methods, of course, we must believe that China's companies in the compression of the inherent advantages of the cost. Leaving aside the impact of this on product safety issues, the industry group, 600x600 LED Panel Lights in the absence of the market has entered the situation of the reshuffle of the situation, which is the whole industry is unfavorable, the bulk of funds The entry will increase the decline of small and medium enterprises.
   This is a dangerous situation, on the one hand 600x600 LED Panel Lights technology development will be stagnant and even degradation, on the other hand the cost of compression, or too much attention to the cost can not guarantee the final product characteristics, will be largely unable to Demonstrate the advantages of the 600x600 LED Panel Lights. So I am afraid that this time the 600x600 LED Panel Lights industry development direction is wrong.

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