300x300 LED Panel Lights Into The School Lighting

- Aug 25, 2017-

300x300 LED Panel Lights into the school lighting
  At present, the myopia problem of primary and secondary school students in our country has been widely concerned about the community, the latest national primary and secondary students myopia prevention and control of sampling results show that: myopia myopia rate of 26.96%; junior high school students 53.43%; high school students more than 72%. Researchers through a lot of analysis and argumentation, the conclusion: the reasons for the decline in vision of students, in addition to learning too much burden, the classroom lighting environment is an important factor can not be ignored.
300x300 LED Panel Light
      300x300 LED Panel Lights into the classroom feasibility
      Classroom lighting design needs to consider the main factors are: classroom visual operating characteristics, illumination level, lighting quality requirements.
      The visual function of the classroom is mainly based on the student's visual direction and characteristics to design, for example, students from the visual near the place to see the visual far away from the book to see the distance between the blackboard to ensure that there is sufficient light to illuminate. Illumination level refers to the light source can meet the illumination. According to the classroom visual operation characteristics to determine the value of illumination, need to take into account the lighting comfort, economic capacity. Lighting quality includes illumination uniformity, brightness ratio, light distribution, direct glare, reflective glare, light curtain reflection, color, light color and so on.
      300x300 LED Panel Lights as the most energy-saving environmental protection, the lowest energy consumption, the best light illumination of a lighting, its advantages have been people talked about the topic, but because of its price reasons by ordinary home users to avoid the distance. But the school is a place for the country to cultivate talent base, can not be measured with money. Moreover, 300x300 LED panel lamp long life, installation on the 300x300 LED Panel Lights, basically can be said to be once and for all. 300x300 LED Panel Lights into the classroom is feasible.
      The main problems of school classroom lighting at this stage
      (1) the use of years of teaching building, the lighting electrical system is still the previous design (mostly more than ten years of history), has been far from being able to meet now wrong.
      (2) the new teaching building due to capital investment, in the allocation of lighting fixtures, electrical accessories, not for a longer period of economic analysis, only the current investment less, and can not do the cost of light and lamps used, the effect to the most good. Although the initial investment is slightly less, but with the maintenance, power costs and other costs have greatly increased.
      Classroom lighting urgent need 300x300 LED Panel Lights
      The school is mainly teaching in the daytime, but inevitably there will be some rainy weather. Junior high school and high school and evening classes. In addition to natural lighting classroom, but also must be set artificial lighting. The purpose of school lighting for school education to provide comfortable lighting conditions, in addition to meet the needs of the lighting needs, but also should be to protect the eyesight, improve the psychological comfort of teachers and students. At present, myopia more and more children, many years old children have already put on glasses early. Many people think that the child's sitting problem caused by the decline in vision. But it is understood that the school's lighting environment is not scientific have a greater chance of causing the child's vision decreased. At present, the lighting for the classroom lighting mainly fluorescent mainly on the students' eye damage great, classroom lighting urgent 300x300 LED Panel Lights.
300x300 LED Panel Lights Installation Precautions
1.300x300 LED Panel Lights installation of the most basic requirements must be strong.
2. Indoor installation of wall lamps, bedside lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, mirror lights and other 300x300 LED Panel Lights, the office decoration height of less than 24m and below, 300x300 LED Panel Lights metal shell should be grounded to ensure safe use The
3. bathroom and kitchen with short-legged lamp head, it is appropriate to use porcelain screw dwarf lamp head. Threaded head of the wiring, the phase line (switch line) should be connected to the center contact terminal, the zero line connected to the threaded terminal.
4. Lamps and other lights with the switch head, for safety, switch handle should not have bare metal parts.
5. Decorative Ceiling When installing all types of 300x300 LED Panel Lights, install the 300x300 LED Panel Lights installation instructions. Chandelier 300x300 LED Panel Lights when the weight of more than 1kg, to use metal chain hoisting and the wire can not be force. The weight of more than 3kg 300x300 LED Panel Lights, must be fixed on the bolt or embedded hook, prohibit the use of wooden wedge fixed. The lead box leads to the application of hose protection to the lamp position, to prevent the wire exposed in the flat roof.

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