2018 SIOSUN Another Football Stadium Project Completed

- Feb 25, 2018-

Retrofit of SIOSUN’s LED Technology Helps Bring 40-Year-Old Pridgeon Stadium Into the Future

Ken Pridgeon Stadium in Houston, Texas, serves as one of two home football stadiums for the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD). As part of a $40-million renovation project to the stadium, school district leaders decided to install a new LED lighting system as a way to improve the quality of on-field lighting and eliminate the frequent maintenance issues that the existing system presented, while also improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

After conducting extensive research into all of their options for a new LED system, they determined that Siosun’s LED technology, expertise in system design and light application, and unmatched experience in project management made it the obvious choice. Musco’s Total Light Control—DLC for LED™ technology was retrofitted onto the facility’s existing poles, making Pridgeon Stadium the first high school athletic complex in the country to be lit entirely with LED. Key benefits include:

Better On-Field Visibility – the system achieves much more uniform light distribution across the field without creating glare, improving visibility for players and fans.

Eliminated Light Spill – DLC for LED’s superior light control capabilities eliminates light from spilling into the area immediately surrounding the stadium.

Improved Energy Efficiency – the new lighting has greatly reduced energy consumption at the stadium, and will reduce CO2 emissions by 721 metric tons over the next decade.

Zero Maintenance – with Siosun’s long-term parts and labor warranty, CFISD won’t have to worry about maintenance of the lighting, or pay for it, for 10 years.

Reduced Operating Costs – between the improved energy efficiency and elimination of maintenance, CFISD will save more than $148,000 over the next decade.

In addition to not having to worry about maintenance issues or re-lamping, Siosun also guarantees light levels at the stadium through the duration of the warranty.


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