2017 New Media Operations: Who Is The Only Black Swan?

- Feb 22, 2017-

As Luo Zhenyu proposed gross national concept of time, everyone is a finite time, and how to bend, basic consumption on the phone every day time can't more than 4 hours.For a limited time, who can create more can preempt the user eyeball spread?We tease out some of the trends and laws.

Most of the public open rate will continue to decline

The user's attention is very limited.Since we have reading the statistics, the industry's overall open rate were presented down trend.By 2017, most of the public open rate will continue to decline, the data about at around 2%.

Content force advantage may in this year

As the channel further spread out, the next will be the content force play a huge advantage for a year.

Character, temperature become hot property, the content of the chase, not only by the users and users are willing to pay for the check.

New media marketing team, increasing specialization operation

Its new media has bid farewell to the past, open the team combat mode.The future there will be more and more large enterprises set up the new media marketing team, or outsourced to a professional company to do.

Community groups highlighted value, since the fan community media group marketing will be more favored by advertisers

First of all, for advertisers, community user attributes more accurate.User community is based on some specific requirements and values together together, rather than loose public fans are more valuable.

At the same time, the community has a stronger social attribute, the operator can carry on the more high frequency of interaction between users, so the viscosity also will be higher, advertisers can also accept in time feedback to the user for brand advertising.Community provides advertisers with in addition to the public, the effective marketing way.

Live/short video will gradually become the mainstream of marketing content forms

Compared to the past single graphic form, broadcast and video for ads appear more direct, diversity, vivid, all kinds of native advertising, combines content and advertising, natural, more likely to be accepted by the user.

Traffic dividends over, 2017 is the age of the depth of the user operations, enterprise is the focus of the new media depth service for customers

No matter from social media users, or from the WeChat public number number, both be substantial growth space, based on the user base of dividend period is over.

For businesses, the most important thing is how to convert existing users into account.Pay more attention to user experience, emphasize continuous high quality content output, and strengthen the interaction with the user, good service existing customer base, play to their maximum value.

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