2017 China LED Mining Lamp Market Size Will Reach 6.3 Billion

- Sep 26, 2017-

At present, China's industrial sector is undergoing profound changes, reduce unit energy consumption, improve resource utilization, has become a broad consensus. In this context, high light efficiency, low power consumption of new LED lighting products in industrial production in large-scale applications, industrial lighting ushered in the "LED era."

In fact, compared to home, commercial lighting, industrial lighting seems to be only a relatively small family of lighting and low-key members; compared to plant plants, automotive lighting, infrared UV LED, optical communications and other media reports in the high-frequency vocabulary , Industrial lighting is relatively popular words, but it also does not affect its charm - in the LED replacement demand continues to heat up and government-related subsidies to support the industrial lighting market growth rate.

The LED mining lamp as the main force of industrial lighting, of course, also ushered in the spring. "The future of LED mining lamp market is very promising, and it is expected that the total market of LED mining lamp in 2017 will reach more than four times that of LED street lamp," said Dr. Hua Gui - tung, chairman of Infineon Electronics.

According to the high industrial research LED research data show that in 2016 China LED mining lamp output value reached 5.1 billion yuan, an increase of about 18%, benefiting from the rapid growth of export markets, is expected in 2017 China LED mining lamp market size will reach 63 Billion or so.

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