200W LED Street Light Features

- Jan 23, 2018-

200W LED Street Light Features

● High performing luminaire for a competitive value.

● Highly efficient optics provides excellent illumination uniformity.

● Quick release connectors and removable control gear tray for quick tool-less maintenance.

● Easy to install and maintain.

● Innovative thermal management system provides longer LED lifetime.

● Up to 100,000 hour rated life.

● Optimized to improve energy efficiency, light quality and reliability of street lighting systems.

● Specifically engineered for street and roadway lighting applications under the most challenging conditions.

● Constant luminous flux even after several years of operation.

● Energy saving thanks to use of Philips LEDs with min. 120 lm/W.

● Optimized thermal management ensures least possible LED degradation.

● No internal contamination and reduced maintenance costs due to sealed LED unit.

● Standard light color: Neutral white (4100K), optional warm- and cold-white.

● Significant reduction of light pollution (dark sky friendliness).

● Technical requirements at pedestrian crossings in left-hand traffic are the same.

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Advantages of SIOSUN LED street lights

Innovative Solutions

SIOSUN LED Street Light series employs a highly flexible light module that is designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing but to also be an economic alternative to the conventional High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide street lighting systems.

Industry leading optical technology that minimizes light pollution and optimizes light distribution ensures that only the targeted areas are illuminated, reducing unwanted light trespass and sky glow. This characteristic ensures compliance to the Dark Sky requirements.


The LED Street Lighting series are highly flexible and can be easily retrofitted onto existing street lighting infrastructure making it extremely simple to implement. It is a state-of-the-art technology that is practical and affordable. The scalable and modular feature of the range gives the end users a significant amount of options and customizations to choose from that can be implemented without much hassle.

Angle Adjustable:

Lamp arm can be adjusted 180 degree, irradiation angel can be arbitrarily change.

Support Gain Power

Lamp body use whole aluminum for heat radiation, perfect dela with led light source heat radiation problem. Each module can independently, freely to add module for heat radiation. Elevate heat radiation function, support higher power watt.

Strong Corrosion Resistance

The hole lamp adopts powder baking process bright color and would not change for a long time harder to erode suited to be used in harsh outdoor environment.


Optical assembly: hermetically sealed providing IP65. Great light uniformity: Thanks to the advance LED optical systems the fixture maximize the utilization of light onto the target area, improving the uniformity of light.

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