2.4G RF CCT 2700K To 6500K Dimming Panels

- Nov 07, 2017-

SIOSUN Lighting launches 2.4G RF  Multifunctional CCT  dimmable LED panel,  and following are the details: 

1、Input  Voltage: AC100-240V. 

2、Input Current: constant current input, better for LED and ensures long lifespan  and stable of performance. 

3、CCT  Dimming:  2700-6500K,  there  can be different function:  brightness  dimming, single  control, all control, timing switch, scene mode, controller function  duplication, etc. 

4、Luminous Efficiency: 85-95LM/W. 

5、CRI80Ra,  high CRI is makeable. 

6、 General Size: 295 ×295MM,  295×595MM,  595×595MM,  620×620MM,  295×1195MM  and 595×1195MM,  other sizes are also makeable. 

7、Power Option: 18W, 24W, 36W and 60W 

9、LED: 384PCS LM-80 certificated SMD2835

10、Materials: Thicker Aluminum Heat sink / Mitsubishi PMMA




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