Direct Hit Light Asia: Focus On The Internet Under The Intelligent Lighting Industry

- Jun 12, 2017-

As a commitment to promote the lighting industry cross-regional, cross-industry exchanges and interactive event, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) in the June 9 officially kicked off. The exhibition will be held from June 21 to 12, attracting more than 2428 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, exhibiting the latest technology in the lighting and LED industry from all over the world in 17 exhibition halls. solution.

The exhibition is equipped with the latest waterproof dimming power supply products and masterpiece "EU-BUS" dimming system, as well as the four classic dimming series, to show you the high compatibility of the products, flicker-free characteristics.

waterproof dimming power.png

Reiter to bring its star product LED controller to attend the show, in addition to the Leite series of all-digital intelligent LED dimming power DALI, SCR, 0 ~ 10V, DMX four series of products debut.

dimming power DALI.png

Has been focused on the field of intelligent buildings Delta, in this light Asia Exhibition, focusing on the development trend of combining the industry and research and development of DALI intelligent lighting products and solutions, allowing users to feel their close proximity control mode As well as the flexibility of the design features.

Delta DALI intelligent lighting products and solutions Laiming Zhiying Laiming Zhizhi focus on production and development of intelligent networking equipment control system and products, the light Asia Exhibition, the exhibition based on DALI + EnOcean intelligent office solutions to achieve the office The lighting of intelligent, humane, reduce energy consumption.

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Dimming module products

In the rapid development of science and technology today, the lighting industry will continue to introduce new, Internet, Internet of things and other emerging technologies to show the possibility of unlimited imagination. In the future, intelligent lighting will become a trend. 2017 years of light Asia Exhibition, for everyone to bring a new trend of understanding the development of the industry, a new stage of industrial adjustment of the broad stage of thinking.

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