Football Stadium Lighting 1200W CREE Led Chip Flood Light

Football Stadium Lighting 1200W CREE Led Chip Flood Light

Football Stadium Lighting 1200W Led Flood Light These LED high flood lights are manufactured to the highest possible standards making them an ideal item for reducing lighting bills in workplaces, stadium or any other large establishments. The lights use high a quality CREE SMD LED chip which emits a great output of light as well as being very reliable. These flood lights are a fantastic alternative to traditional warehouse lighting as they remain cool in use whilst significantly reducing your overheads.

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LG-X9H400W product power 400W, patented design, AL1060 excellent high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, fin structure. A variety of optical distribution mode, can meet different lighting requirements, lamp body explosion-proof structure, using 5mm high projection tempered glass, penetrating High rate, long range of irradiation. Anti-corrosion treatment, 5 years warranty service


The LG-X9H400W is used in a wide range of applications, including stadiums, football fields, golf courses, tennis courts, baseball fields, etc. It can also be used for architectural lighting, airport terminals, and fish collection.

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