Why is the store business bad? It's not because the LED lights are dazzling!

- Dec 19, 2017-

In the lighting design of the shop, there will be a very common problem, that is: glare. So what's the glare? Glare is commonly referred to as "dazzling", it will make people feel dazzling, cause sore eyes. The glare of the potential harm is great, when you shop Limenkeluo bird, would have to consider is not a problem because of the glare of light, the existence of many customers are not willing to enter into your store, even inside, feel the store atmosphere does not make people comfortable, but boring, which are in the mood to look at the product?

What's the cause of the light glare?

1. The selection of lamps and lanterns is incorrect

Most of the causes of glare are lamps and lanterns, and the lamps and lanterns do not do the anti glare treatment in the design.

2. The lamp position is unscientific

Said one can't make bricks without straw, if there is a "good rice" but encounter "clumsy woman"? Results: there is no doubt that there is an anti glare treatment lamp, but the light cloth position is not reasonable, it will also cause the appearance of glare.

3. The number of lamps and lanterns is too large and the luminance is too large

Many business friends in my mind always have a bright idea: shop is better than a good dark, light will also attract people into the store. However, the facts are different, because when the brightness is too large, light scattering is produced by the cornea and crystalline experience, which can also cause glare.

How to avoid glare in Shop Lighting

1, the use of anti-glare lighting

The anti glare of lamps is the requirement of a protective angle. The protection angle is the minimum value of the eye angle of the eye in any position, and it has the function of restricting direct glare. In the horizontal line of sight under normal condition, in order to prevent the high brightness light source caused by direct glare, shading lamps must have at least 10 ~ 15 DEG. In the environment where the lighting quality is high, the luminaire should have a 30 degree angle of light.


In addition to shading angle, there is a deep anti-dimming honeycomb net also achieve the effect of anti-glare. Such lamps, no matter what point of view, will not produce glare! (The picture shows SIOSUN Lighting anti-glare led track light)

2. The reasonable and scientific layout of the lamp

What kind of cloth lamp is scientific and reasonable? The first thing that must be clear is that the cloth lamp should be designed according to the actual layout of the product instead of a straight line design. If the product needs to change the location often, you can choose a larger adjustable angle of the spotlight to bedroom, for example, how to avoid glare? Lamps should be installed in the corresponding position outside the bed, oblique projection, so that not only to meet the bedding was lightened the effect of direct glare can be avoided.


3, the number of lamps within a reasonable control

Lighting shop, not the more lights the better, but according to the actual product material, exhibition area, color, paint, to decide! Solid wood furniture, a square with 7-8 watts, while the software requires 10-12 watts furniture, according to this method of matching, not only to meet the general lighting needs, but also to highlight the product highlights the characteristics of creating a light and dark alternative Space atmosphere.

Wish your business is getting more prosperous!

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