Why is the LED light favored by outdoor lighting?

- Jul 22, 2017-

LED Flood light, according to the literal meaning of the light is projected to cast out, because the light is more intensive light, cast light by the light surface brightness is higher than the surrounding environment, so the cast light is also called LED projection lamp or LED spotlight, Its full name is LED Flood Light. LED flood light through the built-in micro-chip control of light range and intensity.

Now divided into two categories according to power products, one is the use of power chip portfolio, its performance is relatively stable, more suitable for small range of exposure. The other with a single high-power chip, its large structure, can be a large area of long-range cast light exposure.

The main features of LED flood light are:

1, according to the use of, you can design a variety of application bracket, LED flood light can be adjusted in any direction. And easy to install.

2, integrated cooling structure design, than the general structure design to increase the cooling area of 80%, to ensure LED luminous efficiency and service life; lighting structure design to increase the air cooling channel.

3, than the average LED lights have a greater dimming angle, the use of more flexible.

4, a special waterproof design, the internal increase in the rain groove, a special process to deal with circuit boards, even if the water does not affect the use of lamps.

LED cast light specific application analysis:

As the cast light can aim at any direction, and have not affected by the climate conditions of the structure, making its wide range of applications. Mainly: large area of work mine, building contours, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds. Often outdoor use of large area LED lighting fixtures can be called LED flood light. So LED flood light is LED outdoor lighting star products, Bai special lighting production LED flood light, good quality, high efficiency, by the majority of users of all ages.

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