Why Is Football Called Soccer Only In The US?

- Aug 01, 2018-

Why Is Football Called Soccer Only In The US?

It is called football all over the world, except the USA and Australia, because they have other “football” sports, in which the feet are rarely used. Football is the most common name.

The modern game as we know it was developed in England where it got the name football (because you kick a ball with your foot) AFTER the Association Football was founded in 1863 and decided on that to be the official word for the sport. The word soccer apparently preceded football even on the British isles, because they had several sports without proper names and rules that involved balls (and handeggs), but as the official rules were staked out and made custom the commonly used “football” became the correct one.


Compare that to USA (and others) that already had a game with a “ball” that was a foot long using the same name, they had to call it something, right (In Australia Burger King is called Hungry Jacks because they already had a BK)? They simply took the closest word associated with the sport and was perfectly happy with it!

Now I don’t follow soccer (football) but even I know the first clubs were founded in the mid 1800’s in the UK. So we called it football for obvious reasons, however I suspect the various immigrants, into the US brought it over to you, not long after, but due to the size of the US and the way people scattered around the country. I don’t think it was feasible to have full teams playing each other, so it never caught on and instead you took Rugby and Australian (rules) football and made up a new(ish) game?

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