Why choose SIOSUN

- Jul 22, 2018-

SIOUSN Service The key to success at SIOSUN Lighting has always lain in the unwavering service we make to every customer; to deliver a new generation at LED lighting based on the latest R&D, an unending commitment to challenging the conventional lighting market, and to create LED lighting solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Quality Assurance:

Strict adherence to international quality standards and control measures drive down maintenance costs for more efficient business performance, and every new product is tested by an independent testing center,ensuring all IES files are fair and impeccable product reliability .In addition,a global written warranty accompanies every SIOSUN product to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Technical Support:

SIOSUN will continue investing in its R&D team to ensure the highest level of competency. This team comprises specialists dedicated to solving the challenges inherent in the integration of power supply design,thermal management, optical solutions, digital control, mechanical designs and LED technology. These efforts have enabled us to become the first to offer a wide range of LED lighting fixtures for functional lighting that can be easily used to retrofit conventional lighting installations.

Service Support:

Serve every client with unique operation system. Our knowledgeable LED experts provide comprehensive consulting services on tailor-made lighting solutions that elevate brand images and surpass customer expectations.

Delivery Support:

Our monthly capability is up to 30,000 pieces on the base of numerous of advanced experimentation equipment and full automatic production line. So we can guarantee the delivery time and make OEM for the customers who have the demand.

Business Support:

v We have a professional support team. All requests from our customers will be responded un 24 working hours

v Delivery on time, Attractive product and competitive price.

v DJFY(Done just for you), ODM (Original design manufacture),OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) service.

v Welcomes potential partners in the worldwide scope either for a long-term strategic partnership or for the cooperation concerning some specific projects. We look forward to working with our international peers to jointly drive forward the energy saving and eco-friendly lighting technology

After sale support:

v Warranty time: 50 months

v Pay a return visit on a regular basis and to promptly resolve problems that occur

LED lamps Design support:

v Have great idea, but not sure how to do it?

You have the idea--we turn it into profiles!

Strategic partner:

v Together with you to discuss your market demand.

v Together with you to discuss your customer demand.

v Together with you to discuss your Lighting Applications.

v Together with you to explore Your sales methods.

v Together with you to establish your marketing channels.

v Together with you to grow and realize our dream of lighting.

Welcome to contact us for other questions or new product development!

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