Why Choose Golf Course Lighting From Siosun.com?

- Jul 05, 2018-

Why Choose Golf Course Lighting From Siosun.com?

Are you looking for a brand new golf course lighting or replacing existing outdated lighting for your driving range, we have the experience and professional grade products to meet your requirements. We are confident with your next project knowing that you have the backing of over 15 years experience in recreational lighting on your side. If you have any needs, please contact us at sales@siosunhk.com .

Professional grade project support

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process of purchasing the right golf course lighting for your location and application.

LED maintenance and efficiency

LED Flood Light Fixtures have dramatically less maintenance over HID fixtures. No bulbs or ballasts to replace means less maintenance and more savings.


Following industry standards

As an active member of the Illuminating Engineering Society, we follow all guidelines for proper light levels on all golf course led lighting projects.

Custom Golf Course Lighting Design Layouts

Our golf course lighting designers use state of the art technology to achieve proper foot-candle measurements for your application. Talk to your project support representative for details.


What Makes Siosun Become An Industry Leader?

I have a friend that installed two Metal Halide Mega Floodlights with 78,000 Lumens and I was really worried that the LED lights I installed wouldn’t be sufficient. However, after 2 months of usage it is no longer a concern.

We are really happy with the outcome. We are also very satisfied with the the quality and craftsmanship of the light poles and lights from siosunlight.com. It was a fun project and has added a lot of value to our usable backyard area.

What makes Siosun.com an industry leader?

50-80% energy savings

Trade pricing and volume discounts available

Product selection guidance

Quick ship options

Complete design and engineering services

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