Which Kind Of Explosion Proof Lighting Is Perfect For Gas Station?

- Sep 05, 2018-

Which Kind Of Explosion Proof Lighting Is Perfect For Gas Station?

Nowadays, energy saving is inseparable from LEDs. For places like gas stations and gas stations, where explosion proof  lighting is needed, energy saving is needed. Light energy saving is not enough. The premise is that this lamp must be capable of this place. That is to say, the safety performance must meet the standard, and there are some ordinary lamps used in the station. These stations are some relational stations, black stations. These stations are not only safely placed in place, but even at least the security awareness is not.

There are some old stations that don't want to change a little light, because he doesn't feel it is necessary. Maybe you can hang a few ordinary lamps. I don't know if this idea is not afraid of 10,000. Just a few, the lights are the same as the one. 

LED Explosion Proof Lighting for Gas Station 


  Some users have actually bought LED explosion proof lights , which are usually handed over to the construction party for purchase, or other people. There will be profit problems in the middle. For example, I have a customer in Heilongjiang and bought four lights for others. He That one year warranty, that is to say, the lamp he bought can only say that there is no problem within one year. If there is no lamp manufacturer for a year, he also asked me, our lamp is three. The annual warranty is generally used for 6 years. He counted a dozen lights and how many more lights. He did not think that the price is low. How long can it be used? Generally, this business is acquainted. Or some local hardware stores. If you can't help with the purchase of the lamps, then he will find you, and will not cooperate next time.

  As we all know, gas stations and gas stations are relatively dangerous places. There should be no sparks in the gas station. Because when the car is refueling at the gas station, the gasoline will emit a very small amount of dangerous gas while passing through the oil pipeline. Everyone knows that the ignition point of gasoline is extremely low. There is no open flame, and an unextinguished Mars can ignite it. In such an extremely dangerous place, the lighting fixtures used in it must be explosion-proof lamps of high-grade explosion-proof requirements. Because of the super-seal performance of the explosion-proof luminaire, it can completely discharge the dangerous gas inside the lamp body and the entire space of the gas station. In order to achieve explosion proof lighting, the disaster that ignites the external environment occurs.

This is the root cause of why our gas stations use explosion-proof lamps! Speaking of this, some friends may say, which only needs explosion-proof lamps, it is not necessary to use "gas station LED explosion proof lights"? Yes, yes, you can not choose an explosion-proof luminaire with an LED light source. But after I introduce the LED, I can answer everything.

Why choose led explosion proof lights?

LED is the light source with the highest luminous efficiency so far. The same illumination can save 50%~70% compared with the traditional light source. That is to say, the smaller illumination LED lamp can replace the traditional lamp with larger power, and the same lighting effect can be obtained. The perfect choice for the row.

LED is a solid light source, no filament fuse, electrode aging and other drawbacks, the average life of more than 50,000 hours, is the longest life source of light, long-term maintenance-free use...

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