Where To Buy Led Flood Lights For Your Stadium?

- Apr 26, 2018-

Where To Buy Led Flood Lights For Your Stadium?

For the embassy roof, wall and so on to get the appropriate contrast, should consider the interior finishes material reflection coefficient and color. In general, in order to prevent reflection glare and improve lighting efficiency, the use of matte reflective coefficient of high decorative materials. Lighten the glare. 

To reduce the Lok (illumination) of the direct glare, or the wall, the ground and the presence of moving equipment, such as the production of reflective glare. In particular, in order to reduce the direct glare of the light, the stadium led lighting should be installed grille, the use of indirect or indirect lighting methods. Light sources and lamps. 

In the stadium roof high competition venues used light source, it is advisable to use high efficiency, long life, large luminous flux of metal halide lamps or high pressure sodium lamp color. For the lower ceiling, small scale of the practice site should be used with electronic ballast fluorescent lamps, small metal halide lamps, electrodeless lamps and so on. Shadow. 


It is beneficial to the visibility that athletes have proper shading and three-dimensional effects in order to get a sense of distance. A better shading effect can be obtained by lighting or illuminating the reflector from two sides. Lighting calculations. General illumination calculation methods usually have the use of coefficient method, unit capacity method and point by step calculation method of three kinds, in the specific design, the general use of unit capacity method or point-by-step method of calculation. 

The distribution of illumination can be studied by point-by-step method. By calculating the results, we can draw graphs of horizontal illuminance, such as illuminance and vertical illumination, and obtain their average illumination, maximum, minimum illuminance value, illuminance uniformity and three-dimensional stereoscopic data. These data, if satisfied, indicate that the stadium flood light distribution scheme is reasonable and feasible. Otherwise, we will adjust the layout of the lamp scheme, and then restart the lighting calculation until the requirements are met. The sports illumination basically uses the special software to carry on the computation, the computation precision is more and more high, can satisfy the actual need completely.

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