What To Consider When Buying An Explosion Proof Light?

- Jul 17, 2018-

What To Consider When Buying An Explosion Proof Light?

How to choose led explosion-proof lamps, how to distinguish the quality of led explosion-proof lamps, to find a regular manufacturer, manufacturers with qualifications, led explosion-proof lights, good quality is the last word, can not just see the LED explosion-proof lights on the market The price, look at the performance and price.

A good product, even if you are more expensive, your profit is less, and what can be done. The bad product is cheap, but the customer buys the past, and the time spent is short, and it is broken when you drop it gently. When you pull it gently, the line breaks. They don't have the mood to repair a bad quality. Over time, few people will buy the bargain. This will lead customers to feel that our products are not qualified, thus losing long-term cooperation.


Led explosion-proof lamps are currently very popular explosion-proof lamps. During this time, customers often come to the inquiry. But what they care about is where the chip is. The power is the one. These cannot be said to be unimportant. But compared to the outer shell is the most important. Because the LED explosion-proof light refers to the explosion-proof casing. It has nothing to do with the light source. Therefore, when buying a LED explosion-proof lamp, it should be concerned with its outer casing. Here's how to buy high quality led explosion-proof lights

1. The explosion-proof rating of the housing. The higher the explosion-proof grade, the better the quality of the housing. This is certain. At present, the LED explosion-proof lamps produced by Longxin Lighting can reach Exd II C T6. It is also a brand that is currently used in the market.

2, The material of the shell. Most of the explosion-proof lamps are made of aluminum alloy. This is the same.

3. Thickness and weight of the housing. Some companies make the casing thin in order to save costs. This is not responsible for the customer. Explosion-proof products are used in flammable and explosive places, so the thickness of the casing must meet the national standards.

4. Whether it is waterproof and dustproof. Led explosion-proof lamps have explosion-proof grades, but some can be waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion. Most LED explosion-proof lamps have a degree of protection (waterproof and dustproof) that can reach IP65. Longxin Lighting's latest production of LED explosion-proof lights can reach IP66! The anti-corrosion level reaches WF2. This is relatively small. Many companies can only do WF1. This is also an advantage for us.

5, Heat dissipation. The explosion-proof led explosion-proof lamp adopts the patented three-chamber independent design structure and the lamp body is a transparent structure with air convection function, which has the characteristics of less contact interface and large heat dissipation area.

Summary: The above are a few tips from Siosun lighting. Teach you how to buy high quality led explosion-proof lights. Suitable for novices.

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