What Options Are Available For LED Lighting An Outdoor Stadium?

- Jun 27, 2018-

What Options Are Available For LED Lighting An Outdoor Stadium?

The application of our LED sports lighting fixtures is near endless for virtually any sporting application you can think of. They are perfect as sports field lights, sport court lights, stadiums, and arenas. For more specific examples, we have talked about how our LED sports floodlights can be applied to football stadiums, soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, golf courses, natatoriums, playgrounds, and even hockey rinks. Of course, though, these are just the applications we have talked about; and there are even more.

Our LED athletic lighting options are brought all of those applications we just listed above, and more, the benefits that LED technology is offering to sport fields and arenas. The number one benefit of LED is the energy savings, sometimes being as high as 75%. In addition, sports fields & courts enjoy the higher quality of light that is brought to their field with our LED sports lighting fixtures.



LED stadium lighting is best for players, the audience, and the TV viewers watching at home. LED lights are the closest representation of natural lighting, which gives even an indoor environment an outdoor game atmosphere. For football games, LED stadium lighting gives athletes and their spectators the optimal light for a safe and entertaining game.


The led-based solid-state lighting gives the audience at home a more accurate presentation of colors than other lighting solutions. LED lights don’t flicker, eliminating flashing distractions during slow-motion replays. The president of the Houston Texans noted, “You add to it the softer benefits of the quality of the presentation on television, the quality of the presentation for the fans in the stadium, a more vibrant stadium experience.”

Thanks to LED lighting, television cameras don’t have to keep the apertures on the cameras wide open during filming. The reduction of aperture size increases the focal plane and provides greater detail and more depth to the playing field.


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