What Light Should We Choose For Badminton Court

- May 11, 2018-

What Light Should We Choose For Badminton Court?

According to the international competition regulations. The entire stadium should occupy a space of a minimum of nine meters. Within this height, there shouldn’t be any beans or any kind of obstructions. There shouldn’t be any obstacles within two meters around the stadium. Between any two courses side by side, it should not be less than two meters distance. Therefore, the installation height of badminton court lighting with professional venues lamps must be at least nine meters above the ground. Also, it must be equipped with anti-glare device. The mounting heights of the entertainment venues and training level may be reduced as well.

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Unlike other arenas, the requirements for lighting in indoor badminton venues can be described as more demanding. Many badminton hall operators believe that since a certain stadium lamp can be used in other arenas, it should be no problem to use it in their own badminton hall. But only after the lights were bought and installed, did they find that the light was not enough because he ignored the size of the shuttlecock, its own color, flight trajectory and flight path. These factors limited the light of the badminton court to be either glareless, glare-free or flicker-free. Good effect such a realistic problem.

Currently, badminton hall lighting are used as the main stream of lights and are used in many arenas, but they are not suitable for use in badminton halls. The main reason is that the LED light source emits light and the lights are dazzling. When the highball is connected, the lights are not open. , and there is a strobe phenomenon, there will be interference when shooting the venue for the game.

Some stadiums like to use row lights as stadium lights, mainly for cheaper prices. Because the row lights are mainly assembled from several T8 tubes, the materials are cheap and the assembly is simple. However, the quality of the row of lights is difficult to guarantee, and the light decays and the service life is short, which affects the airspace of the arena and reduces the grade of the arena.

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