What Kind Of Sports Venue Lighting Can Meet The Needs Of Professional Competitions

- Apr 19, 2018-

What Kind Of Sports Venue Lighting Can Meet The Needs Of Professional Competitions?

Sports venues lighting often let sports enthusiasts love and helpless. Love it is because of the night movement on its dependence, but some venues of the lights are not enough brightness, or angle dazzling. Or in order to save energy saving,the administrator often open only half ... 

Sports Tatsu people like to go to new venues, in addition to the comfort of the floor and new opening promotions, comfortable lighting environment is also an important reason.

 In recent years, the construction of sports venues, LED lighting began to squeeze the traditional incandescent lamp, metal halide lamps and other traditional sources of land, energy saving, long service life, environmental protection and other characteristics to make its debut. Data statistics show that the global LED lighting market scale increased year by year, and its performance in the field of sports lighting more significant, in addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, improve television coverage, enhance the fan experience, reduce long-term operating costs these have become a sports venues to build, renovation of the popular choice. 


Compared to commercial lighting and home lighting, the special point of sports field lighting is: On the one hand, in order to protect the spectator competition, television broadcast games and other functions, sports lighting to ensure adequate illumination;

 On the other hand, in the professional and sensory experience of the highly demanding sports venues, lighting to be light and not glare, brightness uniformity, Effectively control the overflow light, so as to ensure that the athlete can complete the game task normally. 

With the implementation of nationwide fitness, the development of sports industry, the national policy of further landing, the concept of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, LED lighting applied to the advantages of sports venues further highlighted. Led at this stage, regardless of the field, have its unique advantages, from the civil point of view, energy saving and environmental protection is the most concerned about the topic, from the commercial point of view of quality and safety is the key factor, from the professional sports lighting angle of illumination and lighting effect is a prerequisite!

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