What Is The Necessary LUX Level For Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting?

- Aug 01, 2018-

What Is The Necessary LUX Level For Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting?

Indoor swimming vault usually considers the repair and maintenance of lamps and lanterns, generally not above the surface of the layout of lamps and lanterns, but above the surface of the water with a special repair channel. For the stadium that does not have TV broadcast requirement, lamps and lanterns often disperses to decorate on the condole top outside above water surface, roof or wall. 

For the stadium that has TV to relay a request, lamps and lanterns USES light belt type to decorate commonly, decorate transverse horse way above two sides pool bank namely; In addition, it is necessary to set a proper amount of lamps and lanterns under the diving platform and gangplank to eliminate the shadow formed by the jumping platform and gangplank, and to provide key lighting for the diving sports warm-up pool.


LUX level of  indoor swimming pool lighting

Should emphasize, diving sports item should not set lamps and lanterns on the upper part of diving pool, otherwise the mirror image of the lamp will appear in the water, produce light interference to the athlete, affect the judgment and play of the athlete. Therefore, no matter be diving training or formal competition, all should not adopt this way of lighting.

BS EN 15288-1 Swimming pools -Safety requirements for design is the European Standard for design requirements for the Safety of swimming pools. This has within it recommendations for lighting levels.

It is recommended that maximum use of natural light is used. Circulation, plant rooms and changing areas require a uniform 100 Lux .Water areas require a uniform 200 Lux. Lower levels are permitted but with increased supervision

Underwater lighting recommended in pools with deep water.

The first priority of swimming pool lighting is to create a safe environment. In order to create this safety environment, we should pay attention to selection of light fixtures and the placement of light fixtures.

Pools are receiving the natural light by the help of windows and receive the artificial light by the help of light fixtures. Sometimes pools are only illuminated by natural light or sometimes by artificial light. Sometimes it can be illuminated by the combination of both.

Generally 300 lux light level is sufficient in swimming pools. In case of competitions; 500 lux or more lighting level may be required.

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