What is the effect of the power supply on the power supply?

- May 19, 2017-

With the development of science and technology power supply tends to be intensive and miniaturization, and thus the stability of the power put forward higher requirements. In order to prevent moisture, dust and harmful gases on the damage to electronic components, reduce vibration, to prevent damage to external forces and stability of the device parameters, the adverse effects of the outside world to a minimum, so the need for power and other potting.


Will the power supply after potting be better than the original power supply?


Air heat dissipation performance is generally worse than the poor performance of potting, high-power components if the air alone heat, heat can not be timely conduction, easy to form a local high temperature, which may damage components, components, thus affecting the system Reliability and normal working cycle. So careful selection of power potting is very important, you can use the silicone material of the power potting, because of its excellent physical and chemical properties and process performance to become the preferred choice of potting material base, although the silicone material potting itself Thermal conductivity of only 0.17W / m. K, but as long as the addition of high thermal conductivity filler can improve its thermal conductivity, such as the market "ZS-GF-5299Z" silicone potting, modified its thermal conductivity reached 1.5 W / mK, with the process The continuous protection of organic silicon electronic potting on the protection of electronic equipment, especially in the high-voltage high-power components, components will play an increasingly important role in the protection.

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