What is a commercial lighting

- Sep 26, 2016-

Commercial lighting Commercial Lighting in home lighting, based on the characteristics of commercial space, commercial lighting in order to attract more customers, increase the rate of visitors and on-site consumption of specialty lighting configurations. Commercial lighting must meet three basic functions, first must attract customers ' attention through lighting, second you must let customers have enough light, correctly assess the goods, the 3rd is a commercial space lighting to be provided for completion of the deal comfort and sufficient illumination.
1. attracting customers ' attention is phototropism of human creatures, when the light up, people's eyes are lighting Guide, to a place of light movement. For example Taiwan betel common, through the flashing neon lights, attracting the customers. However, how in the commercial space, through the lights attract people's attention and create a space of layers and texture, this is a professional lighting designer's knowledge.
2. provides enough of light let customer right assessment commodity on professional of lighting designers,, lighting involved as degrees, and color temperature, and explicit color sex, and lighting projection of angle, configuration, select right of products and according to site environment do design, commodity due of texture and texture only can was show out, so commercial space lighting is important of subject is give right of light, avoid effect customer on commodity of cognitive.

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