What Are The Standards Of Softball Field Lighting?

- May 31, 2018-

What Are The Standards Of Softball Field Lighting?

Softball is a young sport originating from Europe. In the early 20th century, the Germans designed and improved handball. The collective movement, known for its rapid confrontation, then spread from Europe to Africa, America, and East Asia and grew. The original handball game had 11 players per side, and the current Olympic system is seven. Handball games were first held in Berlin in 1936, and women's handball games were added in Montreal in 1976.

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lighting standard of softball field lighting

softball class B Tel: 010-69207720 P3 / T4 industry new energy you my green lighting note: 

1, handball sites on the surface of the background color and reflection ratio should be able to make the ball clearly visible, PA above must have enough light, high ball should avoid glare on athletes. 2. The football field should avoid causing glare to players, especially in the corner area, the goalkeeper should not be exposed to direct glare from floodlights.


2. The lamps and lanterns shall be arranged in strips on both sides of the field, extending and exceeding both ends of the field. The installation height should not be less than 12 meters. Professional pitch lights are used in the course, but when the field is small, tubular fluorescent lights can be attached to the ceiling as the basic setting. The horizontal lighting provided is sufficient for non-tv coverage of the game. When there is a camera, the golden halide lamp lamps should be added on a temporary basis on one side of the camera.

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