What Are The Standards Of Football Field Lighting?

- May 31, 2018-

What Are The Standards Of Football Field Lighting?

The football game is an old sport with a long history. It originated from an ancient Chinese ball game called cuju, which was later spread to Europe through Arabs and developed into modern football. Do you know want to know more about the lighting of the football field?

Levels of IES sports lighting

The Illuminating Engineering Society published “Sports and Recreational Area Lighting” to highlight optimal sports lighting levels. The comprehensive document analyzes the best standards for athletes and spectators. It discusses LED, metal halide, fluorescent, and even plasma lighting solutions.

The IES highlights LED’s energy efficiency, despite having higher upfront costs. LED benefits also include advanced beam control and less light spill and pollution than its competitors.

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The standards of football field lighting

The NFL requires 5600 Kelvin of correlated color temperature, which is close to the sun’s temperature of 5778K. LED commercial lighting typically measure around 5000K, making them the closest lights to replicating the sun’s natural color temperature. The current sports field lighting standards include:

250 foot candles for NFL

150-foot candles for collegiate-level football

50 foot candles for high school football fields

LED provides fans and athletes with a superior lighting experience. Lighting division soccer indoor football and outdoor soccer field lighting , install lights in different venues is not the same way. Standards should be based on the use of the function to determine the standard football field lighting, divided into seven levels, training and entertainment illumination 200lx, amateur 500lx, professional game 750lx, general TV broadcast 1000lx, major international competitions HD TV 1400lx, TV emergency 750lx.

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