What Are The Standard Of Volleyball Court Lighting Design?

- Jun 25, 2018-

What Are The Standard Of Volleyball Court Lighting Design?

Given the widespread need for portable sports lighting, I was surprised at my inability to find any viable, cost-effective commercial products.  Recently, the appearance of a wide array of household and volleyball court lighting got me thinking a viable DIY solution is possible.

In this series of posts, I will describe in detail how to build a battery powered, portable volleyball lighting system from readily available components. While this system is designed specifically for beach volleyball, it can be adjusted and scaled for the technical requirements of other sports.

Standard of Volleyball Court Lighting Design : 

(1) Outdoor Stadium special lights using aluminum alloy material to make molding. 

(2) imported reflector is used in outdoor stadium special lamp. 

(3) Outdoor stadium lights to maintain the stadium and the highest degree of lighting on the surface, while the light distribution uniformity. 

240W Indoor Stadium High-brightness Strobeless Lighting.png

(4) Outdoor Stadium special lamp shell using aluminum alloy after the production, can rust, anti-corrosion, improve lamp life. 

(5) Outdoor Stadium special lights Four degrees of precision to achieve waterproof, dustproof, protective grade for IP-65. 

(6) Outdoor Stadium special lights make athletes feel bright, comfortable and without glare during the course of the game.

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